About HERSHE Nose surgery

 About Nose surgery  

HERSHE personalized nose surgery not only considers the ideal shape of the nose, but also brings proportional balance in between facial features​.

Beautiful nose not only determined by the height, width and line of the nose, but the balance between facial structures, and smooth line followed from the forehead to nose, lips and to the tip of the chin. Beautiful nose also needs to look natural from any angle around 360 degrees. HERSHE nose surgery considers the very golden ratio of the nose, as well as balance and harmony of nose with other facial features with 1:1 personalized diagnosis for personal rhinoplasty solution.

Nose is complex structure of bones and cartilages, and takes important role in breathing and olfactory senses. Close diagnosis for personalized nose surgery will provide not only the ideal nose line suitable for each individual, but also improve the uncomfortable symptoms and overall function of the nose. For this matter, systematic surgery plan by nose surgery specialist with profound experience becomes very important.

 What determines ideal nose? 


Ideal size of the nose varies by each individual’s shape and overall proportion of facial features. However, ideal size and ratio of the ideal nose would be 1/3 of the length of the face when divided by forehead, eyes and nose tip, and 1/5 of the width of the face when divided by ears, eyes, and nose.


Root of the nose (radix of nasal dorsum) should be in between the eyes, creating smooth line which is finished at the tip of the nose. The ideal width of the nose bridge (nasal dorsum) varies by each individual, but in between 10mm~13mm is considered as the ideal width. The angle between the forehead and the nose should be in between 130~140 degrees, and the angle between the nose tip (nasal tip) and the lip should be in between 90~100 degrees in ideal shape of the nose.



 About HERSHE Nose surgery  


 Recommend to  




Low nose tip with small nose​


Tall nose with hump


Short and upturned nose​​


Rounded and nose tip like funnel nose​


Tall nose with long nose tip like wizard nose​




 Why HERSHE Nose surgery?  


Skills and know-how gained from profound experiences of the surgeon, and understanding about the surgery and having thorough surgery plan is essential fact to lead to successful nose surgery.


HERSHE plastic surgery is operated with exclusive medical team by specializing each surgery. All surgeons are board certified plastic surgeon with at least 20 years of rich experiences, exclusive medical team including specialized surgeon for each surgery will be assigned to provide non-stop medical service from 1:1 consultation to surgery and post-operation care. HERSHE Plastic surgery Korea's medical team will assure safety and satisfying results with 20 years of experiences on rhinoplasty.

+ Exclusive medical team operated by specialized surgery

+ ​20 years of profound experience in nose surgery​

​+ 27 years with 0 medical accident​

​+ Personalized surgery planning through professional diagnosis



 HERSHE Nose surgery is DIFFERENT!!  



In General, rhinoplasty can be categorized into Nose Bridge, nose tip, and nose bridge & tip surgery. However, the advantage from rhinoplasty does not limited just to the nose augmentation, but also improves overall impression of side face with the balance of forehead, lips, chin, and nose tip.


HERSHE original technique, Two-line Rhinoplasty, considers the very golden ratio of the nose surgery, creating elegant line flowing down from the forehead, the tip of the nose to the lipThis surgery is focused on improving the overall appearance, not only the nose itself, but the way it looks from other people.


 Features of HERSHE Nose surgery  


Surgical Procedures



01. With the incision inside the nostrils, detach the cartilage and the skin that forms the nasal rim




02. Detach the periosteum 

(the layer covering the bone) from the nasal bone to insert the implant.

03. Carefully insert the refined 

 silicone implant under the  periosteum.





04. Examine the balance with the whole face and stitch the incision.



 Secrets for the beautiful side line  



Rhinoplasty should be conducted by considering overall facial impression and proportion, not only focusing on nose shape itself. Also, it is important to consider the balance with other facial features rather than considering trend in the shape of nose. 

As nose shape alters after the rhinoplasty, combined surgery such as facial contouring, fat graft, and/or filler treatment with rhinoplasty improves overall balance in the proportion between facial features, improving impression of the profile from any angle around 360 degrees.

01. Facial contouring combined with rhinoplasty considering ideal facial ratio​

02. Three dimensional, balanced look considering facial line from 360 degrees​


01. Forehead

smooth and round forehead​


02. Nose

naturally augmented nose bridge with pointed nose tip​


03. Chin

Short chin augmentation with implant or advancement genioplasty​


04. Lips

Filling the volume on lips with filler​



Rhinoplasty + lower face contouring

Create beautiful smile by giving volume on round chin and sunken paranasal area. Paranasal and short chin augmentation with implant in conjunction with rhinoplasty will create three dementional looking with curvy profile and gives beautiful smile.Lower face contouring by considering facial ratio without bone reduction surgery. Voluminous face with both better profile and the front side

Rhinoplasty​ + Facial contouring

Facial bones such as square jaw and cheek bones can be reduced and fitted into right size in conjunction with rhinoplasty which is the center of the face; this will create small and smooth face line from any angle. ​

​Rhinoplasty + ​Fat graft

Flat face can be improved with fat graft by adding volume in conjunction with rhinoplasty, makes three-dimensional looking and gives more feminine and vibrant impression​​



  Post operation care  


1.Possibility of bleeding for 1-2 days. Wipe with a soft tissue. 


Blow nose gently.​ 


Do not detach or cut gauze and bandage without doctor's consultation.


Apply an ice pack on the day of surgery and the day after to reduce the swelling.


Avoid drinking and smoking for a month after the surgery.


Avoid wearing glasses or sunglasses for a month after the surgery.