Forehead augmentation

HERSHE's Youthful Forehead Augmentation



Forehead Augmentation surgery is for flat or has sunken bone by giving volume through fat grafting for forehead implant. Not only it focuses forehead contouring but includes forehead, cheekbone, nose and chin area line from the side view of the face which creates younger, smoother face appearance. Resulting to give a softer and pleasing balanced line from forehead to the chin.



Who would be suitable for HERSHE's Forehead Augmentation?​




●   Forhead with uneven volume

●   Flat forehead and with extreme lack of volume

​●   Bumpy forehead (uneven volume)

​●   Uneven forehead balacne desire to have balanced and round forehead shape







 Features of HERSHE's  Forehead Augmentation







 Forehead Implant 

H/A Filler Injection

Autologous Fat graft

Recovery Period ​7-10 days


No needed

5-7 days

Types of anesthesia 






Surgical Duration


Within 30 mins




1. Implants

Make an incision inside the mouth and detach the skin around the nose.

Insert and fix the implant inside the maxilla close to the nose.

Silicon and gore-tex is commonly used, and cartilage tissue can also be used as an implant.



2. Filler injection

Filler injection is quick and simple solution to give volume to the forehead.

HA Filler Sub Q, which has largest molecule from HA Filler product, is commonly injected at flat or depressed area to create smooth line flow. This procedure takes only about 10 minutes, and daily activities are not affected while the effect duration is about 2 years.



3. Autologous Fat graft

Fat graft proceeds from harvesting healthy fat cells from donor site, than refined to be injected in the forehead. Engrafted fat cells will remain permanently after the procedure.

The possibilities of deformation and foreign body reaction are rare, And surgical scar remains after the procedure.


Safe Procedure

HERSHE uses autologous fat cells, which are identical to the patient's own fat tissue and growth factors. Possibility of side-effects and rejections are rare.





HERSHE does not freeze fresh cells

In order to increase the survival rate, HERSHE does not freeze fresh cells to provide high quality adipose tissues, while eliminating the damaged adipose cells.