Chin reduction

 HERSHE's Chin Osteotomy is personalized!


Sagginess is prevented without additional osteotomy to create a smooth vline



 Short chin is a condition when front chin is not protruded enough and created unbalanced forehead-nose-lip-chin line from the side view. This may give a person unnatural facial impression. Chin Augmentation is recommended for those who have short, small, set back chin, and have short chin and protruding mouth together.

●   Maximized V-line effect with chin extention


●   Eliminated factors to cause sagging with non-muscle detachment


●   No additional resection for reduced pain and swelling


●   Balanced horizontal-vertical proportion


●   Short surgery hours, short down time


●   High satisfaction guaranteed via most advanced surgical techniques and safety protocol






 HERSHE's Chin Osteotomy is DIFFERENT! 



 HERSHE understands each individual facial feature is different, which requires personalized contouring plan. Personalized surgical plan through 1:1 consultation with plastic surgery specialist with profound experience & expertise will provide optimal result. Partially remove developed chin bone by osteotomy or T-osteotomy to balance the facial contour.


   Personalized chin reduction with bone structure analysis

●   Scientific pre-op analysis system

●   Nerve position analysis via 3D-CT scan for the safest surgery process

●   Customized chin line for the overall balance and proportion






Who is suitable for Chin Osteotomy?



●   Short chin

●   Receding chin

●   Retreated chin

●   Excessively developed chin

●   Unbalanced facial contour


Before & After   




●   Before  Retreated and protruded chin  

●   After – Slim and chin pushed back creating perfect ratio followed by face features






























 Features of HERSHE Chin Osteotomy 


 Surgical Procedure 


01.Make an incision in the the mouth and reveal the bone around the chin.

 02. Design the area to cut and make an incision.

03. Stitch the incised part inside the mouth and wrap the face with press bandage.

04. Use Push the lower part of the chin behind and fit it with screws