Foreign Patient Services



 Exclusive Foriegn Patient Services 





HERSHE Platic Surgery, two years consecutive winner of the Best International patient service award in Medical Asia Awards, receives numerous international patients from all over the world every year.

From 26 years' profound experiences, HERSHE understands the complex concerns of the foreign patients.​

Exclusive international patient services based on the systemic patient-priority service system with know-how built by profound experience with the international patients promises the best plastic surgery experience in Korea.


HERSHE understands the complex concerns about the limited time of the international patients. Hence, HERSHE offers exclusive post operation care for the international patients to enhance the recovery. Laser treatment is provided along with the post operation care at free of charge as a complimentary service to our international patients who came to visit HERSHE from far, far away. Leave the worries with us







 01. Online consultation  



HERSHE plastic surgery offers precise & personalized online consultation through proffesional consultants. Detailed consultation can be made by phone, e-mail and various messanger applications at your preference. Our response system is in proffesional manner with quick response.

 02. Making appointment  



Making appointment prior to visit is essential to ensure sufficient time and quality of the consultation.

Once the appointment is made online, HERSHE will send confirmation of appointment through phone call, e-mail or massenger applications at your preference for update with the reservation status.

HERSHE also will send guide book for your procedure information prior to the visit and about the services that we will offer​ so that you will have through knowledge about the procedure prior to your visit.

 03. Accommodation reservation 



HERSHE offers accomodation reservation service for our patients who have trouble finding the right accomodation. Through partnership with various accommodations in Gangnam area, We will suggests accomodations by type and budget. From 5 star hotels to resident apartment to guest houses by your preferences at preffered rates. It would be our pleasure to recommend the hotels by the patient’s preferences and the budget.

 04. Airport pick up service 




HERSHE offers airport pick up service for comfirmed patients who made appointments with HERSHE. Proffesional driver will welcome you at the airport gate and pick up service with premium class automobile is provided for our international patients' convenience.



 05. Face to face consultation 



Through consultation & precise communication is key to the satisfaction. Proffesional consutants will be at your service for 1:1 consultation. Highly trained interpretor will be assigned to you personally for your comfort communication with medical staffs followed by face to face consultation with responsible plastic surgeon. English Chinese and Russian interpreter is available at full time.

 06. Surgery 



After the final decision, surgery will be proceded by the responsible surgeon who had consultation session with you. Only the surgeon who consulted the patient can operate the patient at HERSHE.

 07. Door to door pick up service 



After the surgery, HERSHE will monitor the patient's recovery at the clinic to ensure the safety. Complimentary meal will be provided by the doctor's notification, and guide service will be provided to your accomodation. HERSHE will arrange pick-up schedule by your post operation care schedule. Our driver will be waiting for you at your accomodation on time, for your daily post opeartion care


 08. Post opeartion care 



Daily post operation care will be provided - Cleansing of the wounds,  Daily check up, and healite laser to reduce swelling and bruising. Pain control and de-swelling injection is also provided with doctor's consent.

 09. Airport transport service  



HERSHE plastic surgery will offer proffesional trasportantion service after the recovery period in Korea. HERSHE will issue Confirmation letter of plastic surgery for your comfort passage through immigrations at the airport.