Double Eyelid Revision

 The biggest factor of eye revision surgery  
The strength to open eyes should be primarily considered when performing double eyelid line surgery. However, in if the strength of the eyelids are mistakenly measured or double eyelid lines are created without considering the strength of the eyelids can cause the lined to bulge as the eyes are swollen and appear like a sausage.

HERSHE Plastic Surgery sausage eye revision surgery analysis the eyelid conditions carefully, the amount of fat and the strength of eyelids on each own types. High satisfaction and completeness of eye revision surgery can be achieved when the strength of eyelids are correctly measured and make balanced double eyelid line with natural height.

There are differences in both eye shapes and opening eyelid strength since everyone has asymmetry in both sides. If the surgery is performed without considering these asymmetry and strength of eyelids, it can be the cause of unbalanced eyes.

If one eyelid is larger or smaller than the other or one eyelid become loosen after the double eyelid line surgery, revision eye surgery is necessary to balance the eyes. Unbalance eye surgery is to adjust the balance of the eyelid strength to make the eyelid lines symmetrical. This surgery requires high sensitivity since the eyelid strength needs to be accurately measured even with slight difference eyelid strength to balance two eyes.


HERSHE Double Eyelid revision is DIFFERENT!

HERSHE Plastic Surgery aims for perfect surgery to be the last surgery without further re-operation. The revision surgery is performed the most because it is the most common surgery.


Unlike the first eyelid surgery, the revision surgery requires more complicated and delicate procedure since entangled layers of the eyelid from previous operation should be separated and anatomically reconstructed. 

Hence it requires extremely developed and experienced technique.

The surgery may need longer recovery duration than the former one.


 Process of Revision Surgery  



1.     Analyze the cause of surgery failure 

2.     Inspect and measure each owns eye structure and features  

3.     Surgery ​method is designed after precise diagnosis of the each own eyes

4.     Proceed 1:1 personalized revision eye surgery

5.     Highly satisfying result ​


 Features of Double eyelid Revision  


01. ​The double eyelids are asymmetrical
02. ​The double eyelids are too close to the eyes 
03. ​The double eyelids are too far from eyes

Due to the swelling and hematoma, the double eyelids

may look asymmetrical right after the surgery. If one of

the double eyelids are too 

thick or thin compared to the other, even after 

the swelling has gone, the revision to make the 

double eyelids symmetrical could be performed 

by the patient’s preference.

It occurs when the incision is made too close to the borderline of the eyes or when the sagging eyelid covers the double eyelid. In this case 

simple surgery can correct this. The correcting process includes removing the upper skin of the double eyelid, designing a new one and hanging 

it in a natural way firmly.

If the skin tissue has minor damage with enough skin, the incision will be made on the former double eyelid line to minimize the scar and lower the eyelid line down.

If there is not enough skin left, the incision will be made below the existing line and fat grafting to the former line will be followed, which makes the line doesn’t overlap each other.


04. ​Eyes are still swollen
05. ​Scars are standing out and obvious
06. ​Double eyelid line has loosened

The double eyelids are too far from the borderline of the eyes and the tissue under the eyelids looks puffy. In this case, surgery will be performed with strengthening the

eye-opening muscles by removing the fat and muscle under the double eyelid, which will lower the double


After 3-6 months later, the scar gets invisible. However,

it can be remained noticeable for 

several reasons. Most revision surgeries cannot reset

the former line of the double eyelid to make 

it completely invisible. In order to revise it, the surgery loosens the tightened muscle and tissue around the

double eyelid line. Secondly, the surgery makes the skin thinner and flattens 

bumpy scars so to let the double eyelid line stay folded

and cover the scar.

After non-incisional double eyelid surgery, the eyelid line can be loosened. This can happen when double eyelid surgery is performed without the removal of the thick layer of fat. Therefore, 

the double eyelid line should be firmly fixed by removing the muscles and fats.





  Eyelid Revision Information 



Generally, it is recommended that revision surgery is performed after 6months with sufficient time and softening of the adhesions. It is recommended to have person to person consultation because the suitable timing for revision surgery varies depends on person to person.

Ø  Revision surgery is possible at least 6months after the initial incision is made.

Ø  If swelling persists, revision surgery is recommended to perform after 3months when the tissue becomes stabilized.