Cheek bone reduction


HERSHE's Cheekbone Reduction



Face is wide in the middle and gives rough impression, when looking at in front protruding cheekbone makes the face look uneven.. Face is seemed to be bigger than its actual size and it can give strong impression. Not only the cheekbone reduction creates smoother face line but also creates smoother face impression and boost self-esteem. HERSHE's Special Cheekbone Reduction is performed for wide face width, unbalanced facial contour and to create a slimmer and slender facial line.


●​   Small Face Creation – Cheekbone Reduction with Square Jaw osteotomy

●​   Youthful face – Smooth Faceline in Cheekbone area

●​   Skin Saggyness Prevention – Skin lifting and muscle lifting effect and elasticity

●​   Fast Recovery and scar free  – No muscle detachment Minimized swelling & bruising







HERSHE's Cheekbone Reduction is SPECIAL!


HERSHE Head Surgeon Dr.Jung young choon M.D. Surgical Facial Contouring Specialist

When cheekbone is prominent and protru​de forward, the reduction can proceed with the simple grinding process on the protruded area through making incision inside the mouth. Cheekbone is safely fractured and pushed back and carefully trimmed and rotated to bring a natural cheekbone reduction effect. When cheekbone is protrude sideward and wide, the reduction surgery is performed through making an incision on the cheek bones, in order to push the cheekbones inside and fix it. If the size of cheekbone is too wide, certain amount of cheekbones can be removed.



01.Make an incision in the front side of an ear and make a cut on cheekbones. 

02. Make an incision​ inside the mouth so that it can expose front side of cheekbones.

03. Make an incision​ in the cheek bones in order to push cheek bones inside.

04. Use wires or screws, in order to fix the positioned cheekbones. 


 Who would be suitable for HERSHE Square Jaw Reduction?




●   Who has wide face width

●   Who has unbalanced facial contour

●   Who are unsatisfied with protruded cheek bone

●   Desire to have slimmer and slender face line



Before & After   



●   Before  Rough & protruding Cheekbone

●   After – Smooth and sleek Cheek line




 HERSHE's SPECIAL Cheekbone Reduction 

After examining the protruding degree of cheekbones through x-ray, design the surgery.

The incision is invisible because incision is only made inside the mouth, regardless of any types of protruding shapes.



●   Actual zygomatic bone is reduced

●   Facial shape is Improved

●   Volume is added to flat cheeks

●   Soft & balanced Face shape

●   Youthful and Smoother face line







 Post-operation care

1​. The incision will be made inside the mouth, extra care on keeping mouth clean is required and having liquid type of food for a week after the surgery is mandatory.


The removal of the stitch is not required as the stitch of mucous will be naturally melted away in 5 days.


 After the surgery, apply cold compress for the first 3 to 4 days, then apply warm compress, in order to accelerate the blood circulation. 


While sleeping, put the procedure area higher than heart level to minimize swelling.


Avoid direct sunlight for 4-5 days after procedure and apply sun screen (SPF 50+ UVA/UVB is recommended).


Second procedure can be suggested at least two months after the first one, with through skin condition check in advance.