Thermage lifting

 Differentiation from the former Thermage 


New Thermage CPT tip promotes collagen formation with the heat lasts few years.



Forget about the stinging pain, Thermage CPT reduced pain and increased effect with the vibrating method.  



Customized and partial treatment is possible with the exclusive tip for face, eye areas, corner of mouth, nasolabial fold, and body.



 Features of Thermage CPT 

 Steps of the Procedure 

01. Cleansing

02.  Apply anesthesia cream


03. Wipe out anesthesia cream after 60-90 mins


04. Laser treatment for 20~25mins


 Recommends to

 Post-operation care 

1. ​Washing and shower is possible on the next day of the treatment. 


Simple make-up is possible on the next day of the treatment.


Apply Skin regenerating serum and moisturizing cream.


Apply skin regenerating serum before applying any make-up.


Apply over SPF 30 sunscreen for outdoor activity​. 


Avoid alcohol or pills such as aspirin.



Avoid sauna or hot bath for at least 3 days after the procedure.



Do not exfoliate dead skin, leave until it falls off by itself.

 Frequently Asked Questions

How much severe pain is during the procedure?

It is possible to receive CPT treatment without anesthesia since CPT has own pain minimization effect. You will feel heat on the skin but unnoticeable pain.    


When can I see the result and how long result will last?

You will see immediate effect due to collagen contraction with the high number of shots such as Thermage 600shot or 900shot. After the procedure, collagen will be re-generated and skin texture will be improved with elasticity. Gives final result after 3 months of the procedure and normally lasts up to 1 year. Effect of generating collagen will last up to 2~3 years by the heat.  



Is there any side effects??

Thermage CPT does not affect daily activities, cleansing and make up is possible on the next day of the treatment. Redness and minor swelling could take place after the procedure. It will disappear within few hours for the most cases. Different to laser treatment, there is no concern on pigmentation or scab after the procedure.     


How long the procedure will be taken?

It takes about 1~1 hour and 30 mins to receive Thermage 900shot. Anesthesia will take 20~30mins and procedures will take about 10 mins.