HERSHE Philosophy      


HERSHE believes that the purpose of the plastic surgery is not only to improve the appearance, but also to enhance overall quality of life.

From 29 years' experience,HERSHE understands the complex concerns patients have to go through before the surgery. 

Hence, HERSHE Plastic surgery guarantees patient’s safety & result with comprehensive & personalized beauty solution by plastic surgery specialists with profound experience & expertise, considering the unique individuality to achieve natural beauty. 

At the same time, HERSHE offers premium patient services by systemic 1:1 patient service system to provide comfortable ambience to our patients to ensure the best plastic surgery experience in Korea.

​  Pursuit of




Located in the most exclusive area in Seoul, the center of beauty, fashion, and entertainment business, HERSHE Plastic Surgery & Dermatology pursuits perfection in both medical & patient services by providing comprehensive beauty solution based on the unique individuality with exclusive patient services.

With 29 years’ profound experience & expertise, HERSHE focuses on Anti-aging & Art of beauty in order to maintain youthful & natural beauty.

At HERSHE, Nothing is more important than the patient's safety and satisfaction.​





 HERSHE Acheivements     



 Grand prize winner of National sustainability

management conference & Award




Five times Grand prize winner of National Health Industry Awards, as the very first plastic surgery clinic in 2009, and four consequetive years in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 






Seoul Medical Tourism Cooperation Institution

Certificate of Entrustment Gangnam district

Appointment certificate as the director of Gangnam Medical tour

Appointment certificate as the Cheif director of International Plastic Surgery Training Center, Seoul 

Grand prize winner of Medical Asia 2013 for Best foreign patient services


Letter of appreciation from Swedish embassy

Appointment certificate as the President of the International congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery

Appointment certificate as the adjunct professor of the Yonsei Medical university

Letter of appreciation from Hanyang univisity for Advanced filler course for Medical school

Appointment certificate as the Korea's #1 web portal Naver's medical consulting doctor