Jaw reduction


HERSHE Square Jaw Reduction  


Square Jaw bone can create face to appear bigger and wide. The principle of the square jaw reduction is to create slimmer and smoother V-line face line. Square jaw reduction enhance and create slimming effect by reducing the width of the jaw bone from the front view of the face. Not only the Square Jaw Reduction surgery creates smoother face line but also creates smoother face impression and boost self-esteem.






  HERSHE Square Jaw Reduction is DIFFERENT!  




HERSHE Square Jaw reduction considers the balance between the facial features with golden ratio of facial contour. Combined with other contouring surgery, HERSHE offers personalized contouring plan for each individual. ​Square Jaw reduction is to reduce extended Square Jaw bone from the front view and side face line to V-line.

HERSHE understands each individual facial feature is different, which requires personalized contouring plan. Personalized surgical plan through 1:1 consultation with plastic surgery specialist with profound experience & expertise will provide optimal result. Mandibular resection is to make the face slim by resecting jaw bone underneath the ears, which creates smoother view in the side than the front view of the face. Cortical resection is to enhance and slimming effect by reducing the width of the jaw bone from the front view of the face. Partially remove developed jaw bone or jaw muscle but trimming from the mid jaw to create natural line after the surgery.








●​   Small Face Creation – Square Jaw osteotomy with Cheekbone Reduction

●​   Youthful face – Smooth Faceline in Jaw area

●​   Skin Saggyness Prevention – Skin lifting & elasticity

●​   Fast Recovery – No muscle detachment Minimized swelling & bruising







 Who would be suitable for HERSHE Square Jaw Reduction?  



●  ​ Forming square jaw line

●   Developed masticatory musle

●   Unsatisfied with wide face contour

●   Desire to have slim V-line face contour​​



​​​ Before & After   





●   Before  Square & protruding Jaw Overly developed Jaw

●   After – Slim and sleek vline









 Features of HERSHE Jaw Reduction  



 Surgical Procedure  




01.   Incise inside the mouth to expose the jaw bone


02.  Detach surrounding muscle from the jaw bone

03. Trim the jaw bone as surgical plan



04. Suture the incision and apply pressure bandage





To slim down the square jaw, cutting out the protruding or excessively developed bones is required. In order to make a natural contour, the incision is made up to the middle of the jaw where the canine tooth usually develops.  


X-ray examination will be carried before the surgery, in order to check the protruding degree of bones. Make an incision inside the mouth and expose the masticatory muscle to find the reason for the square jaw.




HERSHE uses the cutting edge technique to cut out the bones to make a natural flow corresponding to each patient, to maximize the result and to shorten the recovery period.