Paranasal augmentation

HERSHE's Paranasal Augmentation



Say goodbye to Smile Lines Younger Look Guaranteed​


Paranasal Augmentation surgery is a method to give an overall rejuvenation effect on the face, in cases for sunken mid face which creates deep wrinkles that can permanently improve with surgical method. Asian women tend to have a flat face with protruding mouth. paranasal augmentation can improve the deep lines by the nose permanently. Paranasal Augmentation surgery gives baby face effect with smoother impression by giving a volume on smile line permanently.





HERSHE's Paranasal Augmentation is Personalized!







HERSHE Paranasal Augmentation considers the balance between the facial features with golden ratio of facial contour. Combined with other contouring surgery, HERSHE offers personalized contouring plan for each individual. ​HERSHE's paranasal augmentation re-gains volume that is lost or needs following to ratio of facial contour.


One on one custom made implant!

HERSHE considers each individual’s face bone structure and the amount of muscle to accurately measure the soft tissue to make 1:1 customized implant for more natural shape.


Improve smile line and protruded mouth at the same time!

Deep smile line makes mouth look more protruded and by giving enough volume to the area around the nose, smile line and protruded mouth can be improved at the same time.​










Who would be suitable for HERSHE's Paranasal Augmentation?


●​   Sunken smile line around the nose and nostril areas.

●​    Protruded mouth and caved-in around the nose.

●​    Deep wrinkles around the nose with protruded mouth.

●​    Look older than actual age due to deep wrinkles.​

●​    Younger face Adds volume in the smile lines


●​    Mouth looks set back By adding volume in the nasolabial folds


●​    Less gums showing When you smile









 Features of Paranasal Augmentation










Autologous Fat graft

 H/A Filler

Types of Anesthesia






Surgical Duration

30 mins

1 hr


30 mins



1. Implants

Make an incision inside the mouth and detach the skin around the nose.

Insert and fix the implant inside the maxilla close to the nose.

Silicon and gore-tex is commonly used, and cartilage tissue can also be used as an implant.


2. Filler Injection (HA Filler)

If the degree of dent is not severe, inject HA filler beneath the skin and make volume, which involves the simplest procedure and causes least inconvenience.



3. Autologous Fat Graft

Remove fat and graft healthy fat cells evenly into caved-in area. By injecting own tissues, gives less feeling of irritation caused by foreign matter and recovers faster. Also, it removes fat and graft it evenly to caved-in part on the face. This treatment proceeds without any tissue manipulation or implant, foreign body reaction does not exist.


Safe Procedure

HERSHE uses autologous fat cells, which are identical to the patient's own fat tissue and growth factors. Possibility of side-effects and rejections are rare.

HERSHE does not freeze fresh cells

In order to increase the survival rate, HERSHE does not freeze fresh cells to provide high quality adipose tissues, while eliminating the damaged adipose cells.