HERSHE Facial Contouring



HERSHE'S Face Contour Center

 Safety First Secure System

HERSHE prioritize patient's saftey first and maintain the safest environment with HERSHE's safe-priority system 



 Professional Consultation

 HERSHE offers 1:1 personalized consultation with our plastic sugery specialist with detailed and through consultation that is personalized to you

 Personalized Face Contour

HERSHE's processioanl plastic surgery specialists designs golden ratio of face contour for personalized featured ideal face line


 Safe and Quliaty Material

HERSHE's professional medical team and specialists uses safe-priority materials and equiptments approved by FDA



HERSHE offers premium medical services with 26 years of no medical accidents, high knowledge and know-hows for patient's satisfaction








 HERSHE'S Face Contour Surgeries







Cheekbone Reduction

Smoothe protruded and rough cheekbone

for idea face line

Square Jaw Reduction

Creates smoother and slimmer V-line by reducing wide jaw bones

 Forehead Augmentation

Creates elegant side line by volumizing the sunken bone and creates younger appearance

 Paranasal Augmentation

Creates overall rejuvenation effect on the face by improving the deep lines around the nose area

 Chin Reduction

Prevents saggyness by balancing sunken chin and creates natural balanced face line

 Chin Augmentation

Creates harmonic face line and features by volumizing short chin and create smoother face line