Aged eye solution

“Having heavy eyelid?

Covering your sights? Stretch your winkles!



The first aging sign starts from eye area in various ways such as volume loss, elasticity decrease, saggy skin and wrinkle formation.
This type of aging sign complexly occurs regardless of any age group in all individuals.
As youthful and vital eyes take one of the most important role in the impression, eye surgery is also determined significantly regarding anti-aging.





Types of eye surgery in anti-aging

 HERSHE Plastic Surgery, specialized in anti-aging, provides personalized eye anti-aging surgery plan by considering each individual patients’ eyes with a broad range of surgery spectrum in anti-aging.​





Features of antiaging surgery for eyes


Aging is a complex symptom that occurs from aging skin tissues inherently or environmentally. Most people tend to have more than one concern about the aging. Aging does not only reffers to the formation of wrinkles, but to the complex symptom that is caused by aging of various tissue and structure of the face. Skin tissues are composed of multiple layers which has different properties so that the aging sign appears differently by the layer.

Our ultimate goal is to fulfill our patient’s expectations through a combination treatment using a variety of equipments that targets the different layers and structures of the face. By determining the main cause, this combination method can be expected to create a synergy effect to engage a maximum effect.


 Upper eyelid


With natural aging progress over time, soft tissue structure such as forehead, scalp and eyebrow tend to sag downwards as well as eyelids. Particularly, this phenomenon is visibly shown from outer part of eyes with wrinkle formation and bulged fat layer. Drooped eyelid should be corrected in both aesthetical aspect and functional aspect.
By considering the state of patients’ eyes, droopy eyelids will transition into youthful and vital eye by using surgical method of upper blepharoplasty/ brow lift/ eye correction.

1) If there are a lot of wrinkles on eyelids
2) If pupils covered by sagging eyelids
3) If double eyelid line reduced by aging
4) Saggy shape of eyes with moderate degree of sagging​

 Sunken eyes


Same as upper part of eyes, skin, fat and soft tissue tend to sag downwards with loss of elasticity over time, which lead to skin drooped with bulging fat. Lower part of eyes with lots of wrinkles that gives aged impression can be improved by lower blepharoplasty. Also, TCA (Trans Conjunctival approach method) can be applied to alter easily to a form of bulging pocket that orbital fat is being pushed out in moderate degree of sagginess.

With high degree of sagginess with fine lines around lower part of eyes, incision is made just below eye lash and eyelids and muscle are desquamated to remove fat layer or bulging fat or wrinkles can also be improved by fat rearrangement.

1) Having saggy skin below eyes
2) Fine line or wrinkles occurs below eyes
3) Fat bulged below eyes

 Sunken eyes


Aging can generate saggy skin as well as volume loss according to change in location of fat issue. This phenomenon occurs on both upper and lower part of eyes.
Accordingly, skin seems to be sunken below eyes that makes eyes more protruded or it can give tired impression with sunken skin below eyes. Sometimes it creates dark circles or wrinkles with volume loss.
In this case, nano stem cell fat graft that extracted fat from knee is engrafted to fill other part with less volume to improve.

1) If upper eyes are sunken 
2) Tired impression or dark circles created due to sunken eyes
3) Looking protruded eyes with a small volume on both upper and lower part of eyes
4) If the degree of sagging below eyes is not severe, but wrinkles are formed due to a small volume​





Surgery process of eyes in anti-aging


Personalized anti-aging treatment plan is designed by in-depth consultation with anti-aging specialist.  

Personalized anti-aging treatment option will be suggested according to the precise observation of individual patient prior to the surgery.  






· Desired and needed   types of antiaging procedures

· The optimal treatment options through an precise observation


· Methods and principle used for the procedures

· Surgery plan

· Possible outcome

· Recovery period

· The duration of the effect


· Post-operation care

HERSHE personalized antiaging solution for eyes



For a personalized anti-aging solution, sophistigated design and diagnosis should be considered in relation to the aging status of each individual

√ Degree of sagging

√ ​Area of sagging

√ Shape of eyes

√ Desired outcome




Post-operation care

HERSHE offers systemic post post operation care system to shorten the recovery period and enhance the effect for the patients’ psychological & physical stability. Most surgical operation is accompanied with both swelling and pain. The purpose of this ‘Heal-lite’ laser is to help our patients reduce swelling, pain and recovery period by vitalization of cell and immune system of the region where the light beam projects. It is particularly effective for pain relief and help to restore the damaged tissue by reducing the inflammation and swelling as a result.



  Heal light laser treatment



Process of Heal-lite laser procedure method

° 590nm of micro-low power firstly directs a beam at outer skin layer so that it helps the healing wavelength to be delivered to the skin. Then, 830nm of the infrared waves which has a deep depth and strong healing power is projected.

° 830nm of healing photon is directed from 1800 source of light, then zone is formed that each photon overlaps with having divergence angle of special light.

°This type of zone shows healing effect and induces effect of pain relief and quick restoration of damaged skin by transferring enough photon deep inside the skin.



Light beam projection method is that 590nm of micro-low power is firstly directed to epidermis, then, strong 830nm of Near-Infrared (near-IR) wavelength penetrates deep inside the skin.


LEDs that are minutely arranged on LED’s panel are constructed to raise interaction through multiple photons by duplication of projected light beam from each LED.
















Before & After






 HERSHE Eye surgery is different


 HERSHE Plastic Surgery, specialized in anti-aging, our rich experienced surgeons with more than 20 years responsively perform each surgery in their assigned part according to different surgical method and eye condition of our patients.
A broad spectrum of eye surgery in anti-aging produces a high level of satisfactory result by planning suitable surgery for condition of our patients’ eyes.