Big eye surgery

About incision double eyelid


Double eyelid surgery is to create a crease to make eyes appear clear and bigger. This surgery is also performed to correct heavy and saggy eye impression and also to modify the eye regions of the face to make the eye appear bigger. With double eyelid face impressions are much brighter and appear friendlier and more feminine. Furthermore, double eyelid surgery can performed if the size of the eyes or the crease line thickness and even crease deflection is different and create much softer impression.

Double eyelid surgery is the most generalized cosmetic surgery which people have simple surgery impression but frankly double eyelid surgery needs sufficient consultation with experienced surgeon and senses who can contemplate surgery method for own face traits and overall face balance. Additionally, because double eyelid surgery is much generalized, it is most common re-operation surgery as well. Therefore much delicate design for the eye shape is very important for the patient’s face traits.



Principle of Double Eyelid surgery 


​Although eyelid is very thin, skin, muscle, soft tissues, fat, tarsal plate and many layers of conjunctiva is arranged which has very complicated structure. Double eyelid surgery is to make skin under the double eyelid and the levator palpebrae superioris to bond surgically.  






In-fold double eyelid type is most suitable and preferred double eyelid type for Korean, which the double eyelid line starts from inner corner of the eye and epicanthic fold is not severe. In the inner corner the crease is not seen and the length and the height of the eyelid are short.


It is commonly seen in western eyelid crease, eyes can appear very exotic, may appear awkward for Asian face features. Either epicanthic fold is not present of epicanthic fold is appeared from the outer double eyelid crease. The entire length of the eye reveals the double eyelid crease and the line of the double eyelid is bigger which will make overall eyes to appear bigger.

In-out Fold
In-out fold is in between in-fold and out-fold surgical method to appear eyes exotic and attractive without looking awkward.




 HERSHE Big eye surgery is DIFFERENT! 


In order to achieve natural and beautiful eyelid line, it is essential to consider overall eye shape, size, amount of fat, skin elasticity, distance between eyes, and facial ratio. Hence, HERSHE designs different eyelid lines for every patient based on individual’s unique characteristics.


 Double Eyelid Surgery Methods  

There are two main types of double eyelid surgery methods based on skin condition of eyelid.

Non-incisional surgery

Incision surgery


3 to 4 days

1 to 2 weeks


General anesthesia

General anesthesia





Within 30 mins

Within 1 hour

Applicable to


Relatively thin eyelid skin

Does not have enough fat 

 Saggy Eyelids

Have thick layer consist of fat     



 Recommended Surgeries with Big Eye 

01. Ptosis Correction

02. Medial & Lateral Epicanthoplasty

03. Upper & Lower Blepharoplasty

04. Transconjunctival fat removal

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