Liftera HIFU lifting

 What is HIFU treatment?  


HIFU is acronym of High intensity Focused Ultrasound. The format of the HIFU treatment is to target and stimulate the tissues by generating thermal coagulation with the energy of high-intensity focused ultrasound. This is similar to the principle that occurs heat when concentrating sun’s rays at its focused with convex lens.

Ultrasound is harmless to human body and the heat is only generated at the focus point. Hence, it allows having accurate result and gives great advantage without using invasive methods. The principle of HIFU is not only used for esthetic purposes but also is being used for treating liver cancer, pancreatic cancer, and fibroid tumors.

 Principle of HERSHE Liftera HIFU lifting  

With the aging, skin under the eyes and cheeks starts to sag and the jaw line gets become indistinctive. One of the main causes for such symptom is the aging of SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system​) layer. 

SMAS layer is fibrous tissue, which is located in between of dermis and muscle. When SMAS layer loses its collagen and elasticity from aging, skin gets affected by gravity easily causing saggy skin. 

Unlike to the general laser which only targets epidermis, HIFU passes deeply through epidermis and dermis to SMAS layer which is 3~ 4.5mm deep from the superficial layer of the skin. Liftera’s HIFU lifting generates thermal energy by precisely targeting SMAS layer with powerful high-intensity focused ultrasound. 

The thermal energy produced with HIFU treatment stimulates SMAS layer which supports epidermis and dermis and induces natural regeneration response of skin. This principle will give skin lifting effect by promoting natural recovery and reproduction of collagen for about two months. 

Unlike the other lasers, Liftera gives instant effect and difference after the procedure. The effect of the laser will gradually increase with time and the peak of the effect will be seen 8~12 weeks after the procedure.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

​   Can it be combined with other laser??

   Since other laser targets the superficial layers and the derma of the skin, whereas HIFU targets 
   SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system) layer and sub-Q., both of the lasers can be combined.


​   Does it affect daily activities?​

   No, there is no limitation on daily activities. 


​   How long is the procedure?

   It takes about 15-20 mins for the whole face and faster processing time is one of the great advantage of HIFU lifting. 

​   When will it take effect?

   There will be instant effect right after the procedure. 
   The effect will constantly increase by time and the peak of the effect will be seen 8-12 weeks after the procedure