Facial fat graft,

Enhance volume in the face with volume deficiency. Volume of the face naturally sags or is lost as we age. Facial features under the skin gets exposed as the facial volume is reduced, making the face to appear bumpy. This is one of the most typical aging phenomenon, which can be improved by filling in the insufficient volume of the face. Autologous fat transfer is the most ideal method to enhance volume of the face.​ 



​Compared to the young person's face, aged person's facial contour is rather more uneven. This concept is easier to comprehend if we think about baby's face which is round and plump. As a person age, facial fat migrates downward and/or loose it's volume exposing inner facial features such as bone structures start to appear and become more prominent. Overall contour of the face starts to look bumpy.

It is vital to restore the lost volume in order to restore youthfulness in appearance.



Outward phenomenon in aged skin are characterized in loss of elasticity, sagging skin, volume loss that occur from decrease of fat tissues and migration phenomenon which skin droops downwards by gravity. The degree of aging skin shows a distinction depending on individual facial organization and skin care.

Therefore, not only correcting wrinkles and sagging skin for rejuvenation but also skin elasticity improvement and the most significant factor of volume loss and migrate fat removal and rearrangement should be considered.








 What is Minimal invasive Antiaging? 


Anti-aging procedure can be applied to both young generation and middle aged generation in their 40s and 50s who already experience skin aging in an advanced stage. The younger generation in their late 20s show fine lines around eye area so that they start to care for preventive maintenance in their early stage of skin aging. By a rapid growth of advancement in modern medical technology and medical devices, people tend to become interested in Plastic surgery for fast result with safety guaranteed.​ Advancement in medical devices and technology made the technical progress in plastic surgery simultaneously. Accordingly, minimal invasive surgery is now in the spotlight as one of the most significant plastic surgery.​

Conventional surgical method used to require a long length of incision and detachment of tissues on a wide area.
As a result, it led one of inevitable reasons for lots of patients to hesitate in decision making due to visible scarring and long period of recovery time.
With the development of technology in plastic surgery, minimal invasive surgery enables the surgeon to achieve similar result as conventional plastic surgery with less pain, bruising, shorter recovery time. The most important thing is that it leaves almost invisible scars. Minimal invasive plastic surgery requires deeper understanding of human anatomy and consistent effort of researching for advanced and the latest techniques as it is the most advanced type of plastic surgery.

In the representative minimal invasive anti-aging surgery, there are a wide variety of methods such as thread lifting for raising drooped tissue, lipolysis to remove unwanted fat tissue and RF/HIFU lifting for skin elasticity improvement without making skin incision.​






◈ Combined procedrues for minimal invasive  




 Volume increase

 Skin elasticity

 Thread lifting

 Venus laser lift

Fat graft 

 Thermage laser

 Liftera HIFU laser




Thread lifting is 100% body friendly PDO thread and lifts mid face area effectively including corner of mouth, nasolabial folds, and Jaw area.

 In order to lift the saggy skin with the thread lifting, unnecessary fat around the jaw and chin should be removed. Venus laser not only removes fat but also gives tightening effect by promoting cell regernation.

 Full face fat graft gives volume to sunken areas. injection gives higher engraftment rate and reproduces skin cells. Due to aging face fats go downwards and causes sagging, hence, it is essencial to fill the dent around temple, forehead, cheek, and chin area.

  The condition of the skin is also 

   important fact of Anti-aging.

   Thermage is most effective laser for

   the wrinkle removal. It thightens and

   firms overall skin including the neck

   area. Fine wrinkles only can be

   removed with the Thermage laser.








 Features of HERSHE Minimal Invasive lifting 


Although visual signs of aging start to appear for everyone, its degree and shape develop differently in different area for all individuals.
HERSHE Minimal invasive anti-aging offers personalized anti-aging solution with a combination of minimal invasive plastic surgery method by providing natural youthfulness and beauty without visible scars or long period of recovery time.
HERSHE only uses the latest and the most advanced thread lifting, laser assisted lipolysis, fat grafting and laser treatment to give natural 3 dimensional lifting effect.

Face lift surgery is, of course, an effective way to improve aging signs that are generally formed over mid to lower face.
However, the surgery is major surgery which lot of tissues needs to be removed and re-positioned. These factors can cause two significant reasons for patients to hesitate – Visible scarring after the surgery & Long recovery period. Contemporary Anti-aging procedures offer various new solutions to the common aging sign with medical technology’s improvement.

Lifting surgery is one of the most well-known procedure for anti-aging, however, certainly not the only. Minimal invasive procedures such as thread lifting, fat graft, Venus laser assisted lipolysis, laser treatment, and more procedures can be combined for achieving optimal result with minimal invasive methods. Moreover, minimal invasive method allows patients to recover in a short period of time with natural result.



  Advantage of HERSHE minimal invasive antiaging






  HERSHE total solution




 Exclusive minimal invasive lifting solution  











  Jaw line, Deep wrinkles

With thread lifting, it can alter overall sagginess on facial area, deepen wrinkle of nasolabial fold and sagging skin around jaw line. It induces regeneration of collagen to help for improvement in skin elasticity on the surgical site.






  Volume loss, sunken area

The volume loss that naturally occurs can also be improved by fat graft as well as deepen wrinkles on nasolabial fold to fine lines on forehead and oral angle simultaneously.










  Drooped skin, unnecessary fat


Drooped skin around jaw line and double chin can be improved by Venus laser assisted lipolysis with lifting effect. 

  Fine wrinkles, elasticity  


With overall sagginess and fine lines, non-invasive procedures of RF/HIFU methods can achieve lifting effect and improved effect of wrinkles by giving stimulation into the dermal and further SMAS layer.​




















 Process of the antiaging treatment 


Personalized anti-aging treatment plan is designed by in-depth consultation with anti-aging specialist.  Personalized anti-aging treatment option will be suggested according to the precise observation of individual patient prior to the surgery.  







· Desired and needed   types of antiaging procedures

· The optimal treatment options through an precise observation


· Methods and principle used for the procedures

· Surgery plan

· Possible outcome

· Recovery period

· The duration of the effect


· Post-operation care




Post-operation care

HERSHE offers systemic post post operation care system to shorten the recovery period and enhance the effect for the patients’ psychological & physical stability. Most surgical operation is accompanied with both swelling and pain. The purpose of this ‘Heal-lite’ laser is to help our patients reduce swelling, pain and recovery period by vitalization of cell and immune system of the region where the light beam projects. It is particularly effective for pain relief and help to restore the damaged tissue by reducing the inflammation and swelling as a result.




  Heal light laser treatment



▧ Process of Heal-lite laser procedure method

° 590nm of micro-low power firstly directs a beam at outer skin layer so that it helps the healing wavelength to be delivered to the skin. Then, 830nm of the infrared waves which has a deep depth and strong healing power is projected.

° 830nm of healing photon is directed from 1800 source of light, then zone is formed that each photon overlaps with having divergence angle of special light.

°This type of zone shows healing effect and induces effect of pain relief and quick restoration of damaged skin by transferring enough photon deep inside the skin.




Light beam projection method is that 590nm of micro-low power is firstly directed to epidermis, then, strong 830nm of Near-Infrared (near-IR) wavelength penetrates deep inside the skin.


LEDs that are minutely arranged on LED’s panel are constructed to raise interaction through multiple photons by duplication of projected light beam from each LED.

















Before & After



  HERSHE antiaging is different!


Dr. Jung Young Choon, the Head surgeon of HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea, specializes in Anti-aging. Dr. Jung served as the president of International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, and selected multiple times as the excellent speaker for multiple subject related to anti-aging using minimal invasive plastic surgery method, and recognized as certainly one of the best surgeon in Korea regarding anti-aging procedures.  


Dr.Jung actively participates and presents in various academic society activities regarding Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, anti-aging, and anatomy. He also is currently an advisory board member of numerous medical devices for minimal invasive procedures.

From 26 years of experience & expertise, Dr.Jung will offer comprehensive anti-aging solution personalized to each patient’s condition with latest technique and device.


Lecture at Internation Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery 2012 about "Power lift (Coiled PDO thread with PRPll)"

Awarded as the excellect speaker with "Clinical experience using ASCs & Blood mono nuclear complex protein extract" at MIPS 2010



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