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With advancing laxity on facial skin from the age of late 20s, skin tightening cream or exercising do not seem to be the perfect solutions to maintain prolong youthful radiance of skin. 

It is due to aging and decrease of collagen content which leads to changes in facial contour and shape irregular. 

Thread lifting effectively lifts sagging skin on the mid-lower face and jaw line, proving improvements in overall lower face and nasolabial folds(as known as smile line) to give younger appearance while defining the jaw line.
This method is also effective for sagging skin after excessive contouring surgery as it redefines the facial contour.



 What is Thread lifting

Thread lifting indicates that it raises sagging facial tissues by using the safety verified thread which is absorbable inside the human body. 

It can be applied at any ages from late 20s or 30s that aging gradually begins with the moderate degree of sagginess to the age of 50s~60s that various aging sign starts to appear in face overall. Thread lifting is the representative minimal invasive anti-aging procedure that lifting effect can be expected without any incision or tissue removal, and enables patients to return to daily activity immediately after quick recovery.








 Features of Epiticon® lifting

Simple but powerful


Epiticon® lifting is a minimal invasive lifting method that can effectively and quickly improve sagging facial tissue with simple procedure without incision. Epiticon®’s dual action allows the surgeon to not only to pull but also gather tissue to improve volume in target area to improve overall volume in area with volume deficiency in the mid-lower face. 



​​Specially designed for lifting

Each unit of Epiticon® performs a dual action which each unit can perform both rols of lifting and fixing at the same time. This dual action ensures the lifting effect even after the thread is partially absorbed or breaks, Epiticon®​ will be fixed in the intended position. This also helps the tension to be evenly distributed in the target area, significantly reducing uncomfortableness after the procedure.



  Target area of Thread lifting


√ Effective lifting thorough personalized design depending on individual’s aging condition.

√ ​You can expect prompt lifting effect after the procedure and return to daily activity immediately.

√ Skin elasticity can be achieved by accelerating collagen formation around the treated area.

√ Beautiful V-shaped line will be created with improvement of drooped skin beneath the face.



▨ Saggy jaw line - square face 

 ▨  Chubby cheeks - round face

 ▨ Double chin  - dull face

 Squared-looking jaw line caused by sagging skin can be transformed into firmed V-shaped line of face.


 In case of having chubby and big-looking face with a large amount of fat, facial reduction effect can be expected with elasticity by removing unwanted fat

 Perfect V-shape can be achieved by pulling the double chin that is sagging from unnecessary fat and decrease of elasticity







  Combined surgery with Epiticon® Thread lifting

  Thread lifting + fat graft for entire face



Youthful looking effect can be achieved by pulling the saggy skin and improve the sunken area of entire face simultaneously to rejuvenate skin overall. Overall skin improvement can also be expected through face fat graft and formation of collagen, combined with thread lifting procedure.   
Patients can expect to remove deepen wrinkles and fine lines as well as skin elasticity and firmed skin at the same time.

  Venus laser+ Thread lifting


Thread lifting will improve collapsed jowl and double chin caused by aging to pull the sagging skin of face as well as overall facial contour

with smooth and youthful line.
By removing unnecessary fat tissues, it can be expected to last longer with prolonged effect of thread lifting. The effect can be maximized regarding drooped skin around chin area after bimaxillary operation or facial bone contouring surgery

   Thread lifting + Thermage + Liftera 


By combining Thread lifting procedure, Liftera procedure that stimulates SMAS layer by HIFU method and Thermage that gives stimulation on dermal layer by RF method, it will tighten the sagging skin of entire face to provide lifting effect.




  Steps of Epiticon®​ lifting


Step 01. Thorough Consultation for Personalized anti-aging soultion

1:1 through consultation with Dr. Jung regarding thread lifting is done prior to the procedure. The doctor will explain in detailed manner regarding the procedure, material, and possible outcome of the surgery as well as other general anti-aging consultation.

Step 02. Preparation


Hair will be neatly tied up and 1-2 mm size of puncture will be created on the hair (right above the ear and next to the temple area)​. Based on doctor's decision, thread will be inserted to the targeted area to maximize the lifting effect according to the patient's consideration.


Step 03. Surgery

The thread will be gently inserted through the puncture to Jaw and cheek area. It will mainly target nasolabial folds, saggy cheeks, and uneven face line. After inserting the thread, the surgeon will check the balance of the each side and the surgery area will be cleaned up.


Step 04. Post operation care


Daily post operation care will be provided - cleansing of the wounds (only two points), Daily check up, and heallite laser to reduce ​swelling and bruising. Major swelling will be reduced within 3 days. You will be able to wash your face and hair.





 Post-operation care

HERSHE offers systemic post post operation care system to shorten the recovery period and enhance the effect for the patients’ psychological & physical stability. Most surgical operation is accompanied with both swelling and pain. The purpose of this ‘Heal-lite’ laser is to help our patients reduce swelling, pain and recovery period by vitalization of cell and immune system of the region where the light beam projects. It is particularly effective for pain relief and help to restore the damaged tissue by reducing the inflammation and swelling as a result.


  Heal light laser treatment



▧ Process of Heal-lite laser procedure method

° 590nm of micro-low power firstly directs a beam at outer skin layer so that it helps the healing wavelength to be delivered to the skin. Then, 830nm of the infrared waves which has a deep depth and strong healing power is projected.

° 830nm of healing photon is directed from 1800 source of light, then zone is formed that each photon overlaps with having divergence angle of special light.

°This type of zone shows healing effect and induces effect of pain relief and quick restoration of damaged skin by transferring enough photon deep inside the skin.




Light beam projection method is that 590nm of micro-low power is firstly directed to epidermis, then, strong 830nm of Near-Infrared (near-IR) wavelength penetrates deep inside the skin.


LEDs that are minutely arranged on LED’s panel are constructed to raise interaction through multiple photons by duplication of projected light beam from each LED.
















 Before & After






 Why HERSHE thread lifting


Thread lifting method enables the surgeon to achieve similar result compared to conventional face lift surgery while causing less pain, bruising and recovery time and most noticeably, leaving no visible scars. However, Thread lifting lifts the designated tissue with insertion of threads inside the facial area to gain the effect. Hence, the surgeon’s comprehension skills, knowledge about complex facial structure, human anatomy and the thread are highly required which directly determine the result of surgery. Therefore, the specialized surgeon with rich-experiences and high-degree of knowledge through understanding of anatomy and the lifting thread, as well as the aesthetic sense is significant factor to determine the result of thread lifting surgery.

Specialized in anti-aging by Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery and Advisory Board Member of multiple lifting threads, HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea offers personalized lifting procedure plan by using the most advanced lifting threads.
HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea is also known as official training center of various lifting thread for its exclusive technique. HERSHE offers training courses for doctors from all around the world.







Lecture at Internation Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery 2012 about "Power lift (Coiled PDO thread with PRP or Stem cell)"







Awarded as the excellect speaker with "Clinical experience using ASCs & Blood mono nuclear complex protein extract" at MIPS 2010




Dr. Jung Young Choon is acknowledged as one of the best plastic surgeon regarding thread lifting in Korea. Dr. Jung served as the president of International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, a full time member of American Society of Plastic Surgeons and currently is an advisory board member of multiple lifting threads.


Dr. Jung actively participates in multiple academic society regarding minimal invasive plastic surgery, human anatomy and plastic surgery in general. He received numerous awards for his lecture of thread lifting in various academic societies.Dr.Jung understands that characteristics in each individual’s facial structure and aging symptoms require personalized thread lifting solution. Dr Jung’s comprehensive anti-aging solution with various lifting thread operated with profound experience & expertise, with the latest surgical technique combined and the most advanced medical devices will provide exclusive thread lifting solution with optimal result.




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