About Upper Blepharoplasty

In general, people think the cause of saggy eyelids is simply from aging. But in fact, the cause of saggy eyelids occurs in various superstructures such as eyelids, scalp, forehead and eyebrows. Therefore, deflection correction is appropriate rather than simply removing the skin of the eyelids.

If the eyelids are sagging, the eyebrows can be pushed to the eyeballs which can decrease the vision of the eyes and trying to open eyes wide can cause wrinkles on the forehead. In addition, the eyelids cover the pupils of the eye which minimizes the eye sight which can affect functions of the eyes and also cover the double eyelid line and give squinty impression. Upper blepharoplasty improves saggy eyelids which can be divided into upper blepharoplasty and brow lift. There are variety methods such as remove saggy eyelids and create new double eyelids, remove saggy eyelids without creating double eyelids, or properly remove skin around eyebrows.

Why is upper blepharoplasty effective ?

1. If the non-incision method is not appropriate and saggy eyelids are not accompanied
2. If the double eyelid skin is not thick and has double eyelid lines
3. If the double eyelid skin is not thick and has double eyelid lines
4. If the distance between eyebrows and eyelashes are not close and there is not a lot of wrinkles between eyes
5. If lateral canthus (tail of outer eye line) saggy skin is severe and have existing double eyelid line
6. Relatively large eyes without blepharoptosis​

HERSHE Upper Blepharoplasty is DIFFERENT! 
A systematic analysis cause of the droopy eyelids and with combination surgery which can will lead to high satisfaction result. For those in their 40s or 50s, drooping eyelids are often sagging along with eyebrows and forehead. Saggy forehead skin, eyebrows and eyelids can be solved  by lifting the drooping eyelids and forehead skin, saggy forehead skin while looking natural and youthful.​

Various solutions should be considered in order to restore the aged eyes to become younger and clearer. HERSHE provides fundamental and comprehensive solution with thorough consultation and diagnosis. Combine with the upper blepharoplasty, brow lift can be applied when eyebrow itself is sagged down. In case of severe sagging, fat graft can be combined to prevent the eyelid from multiple lines. 



 Surgical Procedures 



01. After incising the eyelid, remove the sagged skin and muscle. ​

02. Remove necessary amount of fat is there is a lot. 

03. Find the levator palpebral muscle and connect it to the skin.

04. Suture carefully and finish. 




 Post-operation care


1​. ​

​Make up and cleansing can be applied after removing the stitches​. 


Apply cold compresses for the day and the day after the surgery​.​ 


​Do not rub eyes or press them


Apply ointment using cotton buds, 3-4 times a day.


​Avoid drinking and smoking for a month​. 


 Before &After



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