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[Written format] Review for Paranasal Aug

2017-05-29 hit.1,268

Thank you for taking the time to write your review of HERSHE Plastic surgery Korea.

We really appreciate your comments regarding our customer and medical service.


Hi, I am Justin Chung, from Singapore. I wanted to thank HERSHE for the Best Servicing.

I have been to few clinics before, but they are not as good as what they say.

But at HERSHE, Junho, Dr.Jung and Dr.Kim are very kind and good.

They will make effort to come see you after you have all surgery done.

I believe all DR will do that. But Dr.Jung will really card a lots. I feel very comfortable at HERSHE.

And the price is very reasonable, thank you Junho. HERSHE are the best, you will feel safe with them.

If anyone ask me which clinic is best in Korea?

I will tell them go to HERSHE. Thank you.

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