• Sports JoSun -Public holidays for plastic surgery
    • Sul Nal is a public holiday and the home comers are getting busy
      There are also others who are busy self developing.
      Especially plastic surgery clinics and eye clinics are busy from customer who couldn't take time off work or students on holiday.
      During Winter the chances of infection are less and wearing a mask to cover the face helps.
      At Hershe Plastic Surgery head surgeon and director Dr Jung Young Choon says" There are increasing numbers of patients who inquire about plastic surgery during these holidays, from simple injection procedures such as fillers and botox to quick recovery and big changes like eyes and nose surgery"
      During the holidays be careful of event price temptations. The most important is that the doctor is a plastic surgery specialist.
      Dr Jung Young Choon plastic surgery specialist advises" It is important to check that they have quality equiptment and devices, anesthesiologist who can treat emergency situations, and you must not fully trust the internet."
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