Features of H/A Lidocaine Filler

H/A Lidocaine Filler

H/A Filler 

PainLittle discomforts



How to 

reduce pain  


No necessary

Ice pack therapy, partial anesthesia, nerve block, infiltrative anesthesia


To eliminate any possible pain of our patients, HERSHE insists on employing H/A Lidocaine Filler.



 Comparing Filler with BTX Injection 

Petit Surgery involves non-incision method, which can be performed only by the injection. 

The petit surgery is categorized to two divisions: BTX Injection and Filler, as they work differently and effects on the body and face separately.


(H/A  Lidocaine)

BTX Injection

Body/Facial parts to affect


Firmly establishes wrinkles, nasolabial fold, nose augmentation, eye bags, lip augmentation, chin enlargement, and breast augmentation surgery, correcting caved-in scar. 

Forehead between eyebrows, edge of eyes, bridge of nose, fine lines around mouth corners, square jaw and calves.



Even less pain and excellent augmentation effect makes it employed to different types of cosmetic surgery. 

Effects will last longer as the treatment repeats, reduces number of visiting clinic.

How it works

Filling the caved-in scarring or

make a voluminous face.

BTX Injection obstructs the secretion of acetycholine and paralyzed muscle to fold out the wrinkles and retract the muscles


 Is H/A Lidocaine Safe? 


Most commonly used H/A Lidocaine filler is consists of hyaluronic acid, which was extracted from plants. Hyaluronic acid is one of the essential elements to construct skin tissue which involves hydration and skin softening. Not only has it been proven to be safe, but also proven to give natural results with long-lasting volume effects. It can be applied to different types of treatment customized to surgical purpose and body parts.








Natural substance


Identical to human body


Allergy reaction does not exist, as hyaluronic acid is one of the polysaccharide, which is also distributed in human body.


Hydrating effect


Hyaluronic acid pulls up water molecules, making sure to keep the long-lasting effect before it completely decomposes.






Does not leave any residues, as the substance naturally decomposes.


One of the great advantages of H/A Lidocaine filler is that customized injection is optional with filler procedure, by the trends and face shape change.