About HERSHE Breast Surgery
“What is the best breast surgery for me?"
‘Tailored to perfection for the most personal solution’

Anyone considering breast surgery would have the concerns as above, wishing someone would explains clearly and appropriately advise. 


As breast surgery becomes more common, more advanced implants with various features are being developed and the surgical techniques of breast surgery are also evolving.


If so, what is the best choice for the breast surgery from the various shapes and types of breast implants and surgical technique?


As breast surgery specialist, HERSHE would like to share our vision about breast surgery, from the ideal conditions of beautiful breasts which leads to the ‘tailored’ breast surgery just for you.

Factors to consider before breast surgery



With the advance of medical technology in the plastic surgery field, breast implants are simultaneously evolving in shape, size, contour and texture than ever to achieve the most natural and satisfying result. Advanced breast implants enable more options in choosing the most adequate breast implant to enhance fullness, pleasing contour and beautiful cleavage. Thanks to the development of advanced surgery techniques, the surgeons are able to present pleasant change now with shorter recovery time, less pain, and smaller scars. Advanced surgical tools reduce the chance of side effect significantly and ensure the safety. 

Although the medical technologies regarding breast surgery have been developing dramatically, there is no ultimate implant or surgical method that 'one-fits-all for every breast surgery. Each breast surgery case has different story to be told. Hence, the responsible surgeon's comprehensive understanding and experience of breast surgery from the implant to surgical technique, plays a critical role in terms of the result. The type and shape of the implants and the method of the surgery should be decided by individual body figure and proportion to achieve the most desired result. Face to face consultation will open an opportunity to share opinions about preferences, concerns, and desired outcome, while the responsible surgeon's in-depth explanation in all aspects of the breast surgery will provide a realistic understanding about the possible outcome after the surgery.

Last and most importantly, health prerequisite and the life style should be considered to ensure the safety and the qualification as a candidate for particular implant or surgical method.

HERSHE's philosophy on breast surgery


Over the past 20 years of consultation,

Countless patients had shared their stories and concerns about the dissatisfying self-image which affected their life, leading them to be involved in the moment of decision for the breast surgery, and the consultation.


This experience thought me that the most important facto​r for the patients regarding the breast augmentation is not only about the desire to become more beautiful and attractive, but also to improve the self-image to be more satisfied with their lives.

We understand that choosing to have the breast surgery is a hard decision to make, which involves complex concerns from choosing the right implant, the right surgical method to the right surgeon.

With the advancement of medical technology, surgery methods and type of implants are continuously evolving. As a result, continuous research and academic activities by responsible surgeons to comprehend about the new implants and advanced surgery methods have become the most essential elements in advanced breast surgery. 

Based on the 20 years of experience, research and academic activities HERSHE will provide tailor-made breast surgery plan according to the individual body figure, preference, and life style to provide most satisfying outcome. 

Breast surgery at HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea focus on the most beautiful and natural contour of breast, from volume to shape, texture, position, size and most importantly, to the self-image that the patient desire to achieve.


Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery


HERSHE plastic surgery Korea offers breast augmentation in two different methods. 


The first and the most preferred method would be breast augmentation using breast implants. This method is suitable to patients who desire immediate and relatively large increase of the breast volume. The latest breast implants which are approved by the FDA / CE / KFDA are used at HERSHE prepared in various shape and size to offer most personalized breast surgery solution for the most natural result.


The second method would be the fat transfer which is becoming a method of choice recently. The surgeon can remove and harvest fat cells from unwated fatty area such as thigh or abdomen to transfer fat cells to the breast. This procedure is suitable to the patient who desire relatively small increase of breast volume up to one cup size, so to who wish to contour the breast shape by slightly adding the volume with design. This method uses the patient own body fat for the augmentation presenting the most natural result without leaving a trace of a surgery.


Two methods can be combined for even more natural result. Fat grafting could be done over implant surgery to enhance the texture and shape to achieve the breast figure you desire and deserve. For most natural result, it is best to have fat grafting at least 3~6 month after the breast implant surgery.


How HERSHE do breast augmentation surgery



#1 Sub-Q suturing technique

Breast augmentation surgery at HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea does not include any stitch removal nor incision mark due to Sub-Q suturing technique using special thread to suture inside the incision area. In the case of general suture, there is a possibility of having an inflammatory response or leaving incision mark as the suture is under constant stress from the movements and pressure from increased breast volume. In addition, the suture needs to be removed again. In contrary, Sub-Q technique at HERSHE helps quick recovery and reduces aftereffect caused by a suture due to a stitching fiber made inside the skin without exposure to the suture from the beginning.


#2 Pain control system 

Breast augmentation surgery at HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea uses Pocket anesthesia technique to the “pocket” where the implant is inserted during the surgery combined with painless injection to minimize the pain experience immediately after the surgery.

#3 Keller funnel 2


HERSHE Plastic Surgery uses a disposable Keller funnel2 (approved by FDA) which is sterilized to minimize skin contact with the implant. By minimizing the skin contact, it highly reduces a possible risk of inflammation and enables the surgeon to insert the implant safely and smoothly with only a small length of the incision. Additionally, it minimizes the incision site to help fast recovery by reducing the incision mark, bleeding and tissue damage.


Location of the incision



Under the armpit (under arm)

 With this technique, small incision is made in the most hidden and hollow area of the underarm. The incision is placed in a skin crease, so that the scar is usually well hidden, which will make your breast seem even more natural.

* Minimize the scar after the surgery

* Maintain natural shape

* No damage to the areola, enabling breast-feed without any problems

Between the areola and the breast​

  Incision is made under the borderline between the areola and the breast. With this technique, the surgery can proceed with the more accurate manner, but it may affect the sensation of the nipples. Female patients, who already gave birth, usually choose this type of incision.

* Minimizes discomfort around the arm and shoulder after the surgery

* More accurate and delicate manner of surgery is possible.


Under the breasts

  An incision is made right underneath the breasts. With this technique, the implants can be placed in the most accurate position and minimize the scar-trace. 

* If it is revision surgery, a more accurate and delicate manner of operation will proceed with this technique.

* The implants can be placed in the most accurate position

* If you want to up-size the breast implants 


Location of the implants​​



On the muscle

 Implants under the mammary ridge this implant is appropriate for patients who have enough breast tissue and saggy texture. This surgery has many advantages, such as less pain and much less discomfort, compared with other techniques of the breast surgery. The recovery duration is shorter than other techniques as well. However, the possibility of capsular contracture is higher. The implants may be felt if you have a thin skin layer. Moreover, doctors usually find it difficult to diagnose breast cancer with patients of this surgical process.

Underneath the muscle

Implants are placed under the pectoral muscle. This technique is usually applied to Asian women who have a thin layer of the pectoral muscle with rather small breasts. Implants under the pectoral muscle makes your breast look much more natural and can achieve a natural touch. Unlike the former method- implants under the mammary ridge- breast feed and breast cancer check-ups are not interrupted. However it may cause pain after the surgery.

Steps of the HERSHE Breast augmentation

Step 01. Through consultation with the breast surgery specialist

Though consultation with the doctor regarding the the procedure is key to the sucessful operation.Understaing and discussing possible outcome fo the procedure is made at this stage. At final consultation session, patient will confirm with the responsible surgeon regarding the method of the surgery, position of the incision, and the size of the implant.

Step 02. Pre-operation check up

MOTIVA® breast augmentation requires general anesthesia. For the patient's safety, HERSHE will provide necessary pre-operation tests such as blood test, X-ray, E.K.G etc. Safety measures are never negotiatable at HERSHE.

Step 03. Surgery Design prior to the operation 


Final consultation with surgery design will be done with Dr. Kim prior to the operation. Final decision regarding the incision location as also discussed during the session. After final consultation and surgery design is finished, the patient will be proceed with preparation for the surgery.​

Step 04. Breast augmentation Surgery with MOTIVA®


Dr. Kim will proceed with the breast augmentation surgery with MOTIVA® breast implant, while responsible anesthesia specialist will participate full time during the patient's operation with stationed exclusive anesthesia system for the patient's safety.

Step 05. Post operation care


Daily post-operation care including door-to-door pick up service, cleansing, laser treatment, and pain-control system are provided for the patient's comfortable recovery process.