"Soft texture, natural movement & perfect fitting"

When all this matters.








"BELLAGEL® SmoothFine™​ is a work of design"

BELLAGEL® SmoothFine™ is a new terminology of BELLAGEL® Micro in accordance with regulation of ISO (International Organization for Standardization)


- Satisfies soft texture with cohesive gel with high viscoelasticity 

​- It presents satisfactory texture and soft curves of the breast shape that naturally moves in any position by 100% filling technique 

- ​The surface of human-friendly soft texture embodied through the excellent method of texturing. 




#Perfect fit

BELLAGEL offers more than 100 sub-specialized sizes with 5 different types of projection.

This allows the surgeon to offer customized sized implant according to individual body structure and proportion for the ideal breast surgery

The implant is selected from the matrix which is consisted of various sizes, harmonizing 3 key factors, diameter, the degree of projection and volume. 




BELLAGEL® minimizes the risks of capsular contracture and inflammation, raising affinity with the tissue by delicate and elaborate techniques of a surface feature.

BELLAGEL®​ reduces side-effects of double capsule and seroma which could occur due to a rough surface

BELLAGEL®​ has confirmed the safety and effectiveness regarding breast augmentation and reconstruction through follow-up outcomes of clinical test research of Bellagel silicone gel implant for 4 years​* 

*(Proceeding clinical demonstration sponsored by Samsung Medical Center and the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, 0% of rupture after 4 years of serial assessment)

BELLAGEL®​ is classified as a smooth type of breast silicone implant in accordance with **ISO 14067.

**ISO (International Organization for Standardization)




BELLAGEL protects from the risk of rupture and deformation of the implant by high-intensity shell design. 

BELLAGEL​ prevents gel bleeding that the gel spreads out to other areas of the human body by a realization of the BellaShield​ Layer. 



BELLAGEL is produced through a quality test and strict production process management  

BELLAGEL​ Proceeding more than 20 different types of quality tests 

Fatigability test, durability test, and impact test 





#Lifetime Warranty

BELLAGEL​ offers a lifetime warranty program to those who received breast augmentation with Bellagel implant. 

Complimentary replacement in case of having ruptured implant or capsular contracture after surgery 

*Bellagel warranty card is offered by the hospital where the patient had the surgery. 

All details of Bellagel warranty program require consultation with the surgeon.