Aplus Fat graft

"Breast augementation without implants"

Most natural approach of breast volume enhancement with autologous fat transplantation.

What is HERSHE Aplus breast augmentation?




A-plus breast augmentation uses the patient’s own fat cell to increase the volume of the breast. Engrafted fat cells are exactly same as the natural fat cells of the patient’s breast tissue, giving the most natural result after the procedure. Since this procedure is autologous fat transfer, it does not involve any foreign materials or implants to be inserted and does not leave any visible scar after the procedure. At the same time, body contouring is done as well as the doctor harvests healthy fat cells from unwanted area such as thigh or abdomen.

Breast fat graft is not only effective in enhancing volume of the breast, but also correcting breast shape, breast asymmetry, breast reconstruction, and improving shape and texture after breast implant surgery.






Features of Aplus Breast augmentation


01. Breast augmentation

 02. Breast asymmetry correction

 03. Add volume to the upper breast

 04. Add volume to the lower breast

05. Improve contour

06. Make the cleavage voluminous and fuller

 07. Add volume to the specific area of the breast

 08. Revision of the implants and breast reconstruction


HERSHE Aplus Breast augmentation is DIFFERENT!




HERSHE’s Aplus breast augmentation only grafts healthy fat cells from excessive fat tissue around abdomen and/or thigh area through special filtering technique to give natural appearance while removing excessive fat. Combined with HERSHE patented bio fat graft technique, Aplus Breast augmentation presents increased engraftment rate of grafted fat cells compare to ordinary fat graft for improved result.

Doctor's aesthetic sense and through anatomical understaing, along with profound experience is essential to the patient's satisfaction as this procedure involves transfer of large volume of fat cells. Dr Jung Young choon, who serverd as the president of International congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, has through understanding about the autologous fat transplantation. With 28 years of experience and knowledge of the procedure, Dr. Jung guarantess satisfaction after the procedure.










 Clinical Consultant of APlus Breast augmentation , Dr. Jung Young Choon



Steps of Aplus breast augmentation

Step 01. Through Consultation for Personalized Breast Surgery Solution

Though consultation with the doctor regarding the the procedure is key to the sucessful operation. Understaing and discussing possible outcome fo the procedure is made at this stage.

Step 02. Body fat check for the procedure

 Aplus fat graft requires harvest of the fat cells from other parts of the body such as abdomen or thigh area. The patient requires certain amount of fat cells in the area for the procedure. HERSHE plastic surgery will measure accurately with Inbody device to see if the patient is qualified for the procedure.

Step 03. Harvesting fat Cells

 Healthy Fat cells are harvetsed from the targeted area using German Harvest Jet technology to maximize the survival rate​ of the harvested fat cells. Fat cells are harvested from the thigh for most cases for optimal engraftment rate.

Step 04. Processing harvested fat cells

 Harvested fat cells are transported to the lab inside the clinic for processing. Adipose derived Stem cells are collected with  HERSHE plastic surgery Korea's patented stem cell technique during the process for the Aplus breast augmentation.

Step 05. Transplantation

 Processed fat cells are delicately injected to the breast tissue for the volume increasement ​by the design which is discussed throughly with the patient prior to the procedure. Collected Adipose derived stem cells are mixed with harvested fat cells during the procedure to increase engraftment rate.​

Step 06. Post operation care


Daily post operation care will be provided - Cleansing of the wounds,  Daily check up, and healite laser to reduce swelling and bruising. Pain control and de-swelling injection is also provided with doctor's consent.




Aplus breast augmentation VS Breast implants


Aplus Breast Augmentation 

HERSHE Plastic Surgery's Aplus breast augmentation is autologous fat graft giving additional volume to the breast with fat cells same as the natural breast tissue. It is non-incision method which does not leave visible scar after the procedure, and  almost no swelling and bruising takes place after the procedure which enables the patient to return to daily life immediately. Body contouring is another benefit of the procedure as the doctor harvests fat cells from unwanted area such as abdomen or thigh. (Most cases are done by thigh as the engraftment rate is the highest) Re-operation is rather simple as it only requires additional fat graft. However, compare to the conventional breast implant surgery, Not as much volume could be increased as the implant, and retouch might be necessary as the some percentage of grafted fat cells get absorped into the body due to the nature of the fat graft surgery. Also, this procedure is not suitale for skinny patient's who does not have much body fat.

Breast Implant surgery 

The most beneficial part of the implant surgery is that the result is predictable. The size and the shape of the implant is discussed throughly between​ the doctor and patient prior to the surgery, and the increased volume does not change after the operation. Large volume increasement could be made with implant surgery, and the implant could easily be removed if any complications should occur. However, compare to the autologous fat transplantion, the breast implant surgery requires foreign material to be inserted to the body which will require regular mammography. Thre recovery time is longer compare to the fat graft method, and it involves more pain during the recovery.  






   Post-operation Care 




For the better absorption and not to lose the body heat, ​pressure bandage will be applied after the procedure to keep the body temperature. This bandage will be removed 1~2 days after the surgery.  




 Avoid bras. Using nursing bra is recommended in inevitable cases. 




Taking extra medications other than Antibiotic is prohibited after Aplus breast augmentation. Standard pain killer can be prescribed, such as paracetamol could be used in case of muscle pain, similar to the one after the exercise, and while bruise develop around the breast area.




The patient may leave the hospital 4~5 after the operation. Return visit is necessary 2~4 days after the procedure to apply medical bandage on the injection site. 




 The swelling is the worst for about a week after the surgery, than it will be reduced while shrinking in size. Final result would be observable 4 weeks after the procedure; the volume could be reduced depending on the patient up to 10 percent up within 3 months after this point.







Avoid sauna and exercise for 1~2 weeks after the procedure.



Before and after