What is MOTIVA Ergonomix?



With more than 30 years 

of advanced breast implant manufacturing, research,& development experience, MOTIVA presents High-end breast implant renowned in more than 60 countries as premium breast implants. ​​

MOTIVA Ergonomix™ is designed to improve both patient’s and the doctor’s satisfaction. Doctors’ main concern was the rippling effect of the round type breast implants, and rotation of the anatomically designed implants. Whereas the patient’s concern was mainly concentrated on the texture and the shape of the breast after the breast implant surgery.


True tissue technology™ is a combination of unique elastic elastomer and unique rheological properties of ProgressiveGel Ultima™, allows the gel inside the implant to move naturally.


Motiva Ergonomix™ presents natural shape regardless of the position, mirroring the movement of natural breast tissue by the gravity.

Features of MOTIVA Ergonomix implant



There have been different methodologies used to measure surface roughness and surface area. In 2018, the ISO (International Organization of Standardization) test for surface characteristics was released and it classifies Smooth Silk / SilkSurface within the same category as traditional smooth implants




Controlled surface topography designed

for fibroblast and macrophage attachment




The SilkSurface™

The SilkSurface™ (Nano textured surface) of MOTIVA implants are acheived in a single step without using foriegn materials such as sugar or salt, with less manipulation of the shell.




True Tissue Technology​™

MOTIVA Ergonomix™ breast implants are 100% filled breast implants that shifts its shape naturally by gravity and movements as natural breast tissue, giving the natural look of the anatomically designed breast implants(tear drop type), without causing complex complications.



ProgressiveGel Ultima™

Mastering the rheological properties of the silicone gels, MOTIVA controls silicone gels viscosity and elasticity. Motiva's most premium line, Ergonomix™ is filled 100% with ProgressiveGel Ultima​™ which provides the most natural look and feel after the surgery.



Q inside safety Technology™

Q inside safety Technology™ is the world's first FDA appoved micro transponder for use in humans, and the only one for breast implant. Q inside safety Technology provides the doctors accurate, secure and non-invasive verification & information about the breast implants outside the body. 




MOTIVA® vs Other Implants


MOTIVA Ergonomix

Textured type

Smooth type


Natural movement by Ergonomix™

Less natural movement of the implants

Most natural movement of implants


Alters naturally by gravity with ProgressiveGel™

Fixed shape Cohesive Gel

Fixed shape cohesive Gel


Most natural

Less natural 

Less Natural




3-6 months required

Capsular contracture



Massage required to prevent




Bluseal® shows the safety status of the implant inside the patient's body. Barrier-layer indicator prevents gel dispersion, and significantly lowers the chance of capsular contracture from gel bleeding. 

100% filled, 100% ultra soft and 100% form-stable ProgressiveGel Ultima™ for optimal shape retention and avoidance of unwanted fill material migration.

TrueMonobloc® shell design for outstanding strength, ease of insertion and durability. MOTIVA® is designed to have same thickness, viscocity & elasticity at 12 points for improved durability and significantly reduced chance of rupture.






Breast Surgery Specialist, Dr. Kim Eung Sam

Aesthetic sense, profound experience, and through understaning in breast surgery, human anotomy and the implant are essential keypoints which determines the satisfactional result of breast surgery.

MOTIVA™ breast implants are supplied to number of certified surgeons with proven skills only. HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea Breast Surgery specialist Dr. Kim Eung Sam provides personalized breast augmentation solution with MOTIVA Ergonomix™ for the patient's maximum satisfaction with profound experience over 20 years as plastic surgery specialist.

HERSHE Plastic surgery Korea is official designated clinic of MOTIVA Ergonomix™, the most premium line of MOTIVA™ breast implants.



Revision surgery with MOTIVA Ergonomix




Not satisfied with the texture of the breasts

Breast implants have deflated or silicone implant has leaked

Thin layer of tissue will normally cover the implants after implant surgery. If this layer abnormally thickens, this symptom is called capsular contracture; the shape of the breasts tightens, causes pain and makes the breast stiff. In this case, the implant is replaced or re-positioned or the capsule layer is removed.


The texture of the breasts is not ideal as the breast tissue gets thinner. Middle aged women who have had breast implants in their early ages can experience this symptom.

The saline bag can get wrinkled or shrunk as the saline solution leaks through

micro holes of the bag. In case it is deflated, it can easily be noticeable as the

volume will decrease severely. Silicone implant can also cause leaks through







Breast Reoperation : Even more natural texture and shape with MOTIVA Ergonomix™

Unsatisfaction with texture, shape and side effects caused from the previous breast augmentation are the main reasons of the breast revision.

Among many factors of the breast revision surgery, unnatural texture of the breast after the breast augmentation is the main cause of breast revision surgery.

​Along with finding the right surgeon for the revision surgery, choosing right type implant plays vital role in satisfaction of breast revision. 

MOTIVA Ergonomix presents even more natural texture and visual to solve complex concerns of the breast revision surgery.