V-line lifting

“Want a Vline?

Concerned of your jawline, double chin and chubby cheeks?


Aging occurs in various phenomenon over time. Among the symptoms, one of the main reason of giving aged impression is changes in the shape of jaw line caused by skin and tissue laxity. Also, even young people may look older due to undefined jaw line.​


What is Venus laser assisted lipolysis?


Venus laser assisted lipolysis of HERSHE Plastic Surgery is a minimal invasive plastic surgery procedure that presents smooth facial contour by removing excessive fat tissue deposited in the facial area, particularly jowls and double chin. Venus laser is a laser assisted lipolysis device similar with “Accusculpt” or “Vaser”. However, Venus laser is effectively adjusted for facial lipolysis and lifting by tightening at the same time. The lifting effect of Venus laser is officially approved by KDFA for reducing wrinkles on the forehead, under eye and around lips.

Venus laser has two different types of wavelengths (960mm&1470mm), to dissolve fat tissue and the promote lifting by tightening. It is a safe device that removes unwanted fat and wrinkles without making any skin incision, leaving minimum chance of side effect occurrence and tissue damage. Thin laser tube is used for Venus laser assisted lipolysis. It allows the device to shoot directly to the fat layer and delicately dissolve fat cells while promoting collagen production and skin elasticity regeneration at the same time.​





  Target area of Venus laser






Saggy jaw line - square face

 ▨  Chubby cheeks - round face

 Double chin  - dull face

 Squared-looking jaw line caused by sagging skin can be transformed into firmed V-shaped line of face.


 In case of having chubby and big-looking face with a large amount of fat, removing unwanted fat will create vline.

 Perfect V-shape can be achieved by removing unnecessary fat from the double chin








  Combined surgery with Venus laser

  Venus laser+ Thread lifting


Thread lifting will improve collapsed jowl and double chin caused by aging to pull the sagging skin of face as well as overall facial contour

with smooth and youthful line.
By removing unnecessary fat tissues, it can be expected to last longer with prolonged effect of thread lifting. The effect can be maximized regarding drooped skin around chin area after bimaxillary operation or facial bone contouring surgery




Post-operation care

HERSHE offers systemic post post operation care system to shorten the recovery period and enhance the effect for the patients’ psychological & physical stability. Most surgical operation is accompanied with both swelling and pain. The purpose of this ‘Heal-lite’ laser is to help our patients reduce swelling, pain and recovery period by vitalization of cell and immune system of the region where the light beam projects. It is particularly effective for pain relief and help to restore the damaged tissue by reducing the inflammation and swelling as a result.


  Heal light laser treatment


Process of Heal-lite laser procedure method

° 590nm of micro-low power firstly directs a beam at outer skin layer so that it helps the healing wavelength to be delivered to the skin. Then, 830nm of the infrared waves which has a deep depth and strong healing power is projected.

° 830nm of healing photon is directed from 1800 source of light, then zone is formed that each photon overlaps with having divergence angle of special light.

°This type of zone shows healing effect and induces effect of pain relief and quick restoration of damaged skin by transferring enough photon deep inside the skin.



Light beam projection method is that 590nm of micro-low power is firstly directed to epidermis, then, strong 830nm of Near-Infrared (near-IR) wavelength penetrates deep inside the skin.


LEDs that are minutely arranged on LED’s panel are constructed to raise interaction through multiple photons by duplication of projected light beam from each LED.
















  Before & After







   HERSHE Venus laser is different!





Dr. Jung Young Choon / Head Surgeon of HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea.

Aesthetic sense and through understanding of the facial anatomy is critical factor to determine the result of the laser assisted lipolysis. Specially, facial laser assisted lipolysis requires delicate approach as major blood vessels and nerve tissues exist around targeted area.  

Dr. Jung Young Choon, the former president of International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, specializes in minimal invasive plastic surgery. Dr Jung is the official training doctor for Accusculpt laser assisted lipolysis device, specialized in facial fat contouring.