Breast Revision

"Reconsidering from Volume to shape and texture"

Difference in experience and knowledge makes the difference in the result.

About breast revision surgery at HERSHE


  Breast augmentation surgery is considered as one of the most satisfying surgeries in plastic surgery. However, if dissatisfied with the result of the surgery, or side effects such as asymmetry or capsular contracture is caused from malpractice, revision surgery could be given consideration.Breast augmentation revision, which involves removal and replacement of existing implants, is performed to change the size and type of the implants to correct any complication or dissatisfaction from previous augmentation.


 Breast reoperation is more difficult due to the surgery scars and scar tissue from previous surgery. In addition, with more number of surgeries, more scars are formed on the breast tissue, the surgery time gets longer,   the difficulty of the surgery becomes higher, and the results of the surgery becomes more difficult to improve. And most importantly, another recovery time will be necessary from the revision surgery. so if the decision is made, it is important to get the best possible result to prevent from considering another revision from dissatisfying breast surgery.


Therefore, it is vital to consult thoroughly and decide thoughtfully with a plastic surgeon with rich anatomical knowledge and experience in breast surgery for satisfactory reoperation results.


 Breast augmentation revision at HERSHE plastic surgery Korea is performed with accurate analysis of the cause of failure of the previous surgery and thoughtful revision surgery planning by plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience in breast surgery.



When is the best time for the revision surgery?


The best time for the revision surgery is after about six months to a year from the day of the surgery, after the scar tissue from the previous surgery healed. However, in case of any side effects such as capsular contracture or inflammation, it is recommended to have reoperation immediately regardless of the date of the surgery.


Revision surgery before 6 months from the date of the surgery should be consulted and decided carefully with responsible surgeon prior to the revision surgery.


Causes of the breast revision surgery


Not satisfied with the size of the breasts 

-  The size of the breast is not appropriate for individual’s height 

and body; the breasts may look too big or too small based on the 

width of breasts.

-  Want to have bigger or smaller size of implant/breasts.

Not satisfied with the shape of the breasts​

-  Breast implants have shifted in position or are in an inappropriate position.

-  The width of both breasts is too wide or too narrow.   




Not satisfied with the texture of the breasts

-  Thin layer of tissue will normally cover the implants after implant surgery. If this layer abnormally thickens, this symptom is called 

capsular contracture; the shape of the breasts tightens, causes pain 

and makes the breast stiff. In this case, the implant is replaced or 

re-positioned or the capsule layer is removed.


-  The texture of the breasts is not ideal as the breast tissue gets thinner. Middle aged women who have had breast implants in their 

early ages can experience this symptom.


Breast implants have deflated or silicone implant has leaked

-  The saline bag can get wrinkled or shrunk as the saline solution leaks through micro holes of the bag. In case it is deflated, it can easily be noticeable as the volume will decrease severely. Silicone implant can also cause leaks through abrasions.



About capsular contracture 

Capsular contracture is one the most common side effect which has symptom of abnormal hardening of the tissue around the breast implant. The symptom causes tissue to tighten, usually accompanying pain with hard texture. Capsular contracture often occurs with inflammation, hematoma, serousoma, etc.


Capsular contracture is categorized into 1~4 grades according to the Baker grading scale. In case of Grade 3 or 4, the symptom is considered severe and requires reoperation including implant replacement or removal of the implant.

HERSHE plastic surgery Korea uses only premium quality genuine implants approved by FDA / CE / KFDA for breast augmentation revision surgery. All implants used at HERSHE plastic surgery have lifetime warranty against damage and side effects including capsular contracture. Warranty details could be obtained through consultation. 

*Warranty card is offered by the hospital where the patient received the surgery. applies all and only to breast implant used for breast implant used in Korea. More details could be obtained through responsible consultant.


For more information about the warranty program of each implant, please click on the link above

Breast revision surgery information


Surgical Procedures 

The breast revision surgery usually involves repeating the cut in of the former incision but the site of incision can also be re-located. The surgical duration usually takes longer than the former surgery, as unexpected bleeding or firm scar tissue might be discovered. If the surgery is performed with replacing same/smaller implants, the surgery will remove the former one and replace it with a new one. Otherwise the surgery will broaden the space in order to insert the implant and place it properly.  



Recovery Period 

Wearing nursing bras is required and medication which prevents capsular contracture can be prescribed.

Recovery period varies, but recovery can be faster than the former one, as the space for the breast implant is usually secured from the former surgery and breast tissue is looser.  


Before & After


 Pre-operation Care



​Please let the staffs know if there is any side effects on particular medicine, illness and general anesthesia history.  


Need considerate control on medicine a week before surgery. Please let the staffs know any medicine intake history. At any case, do not smoke before the surgery.


By the types of anesthesia, any food and water intake is prohibited for 4 hours (8 hours for general anesthesia) before the surgery. Do NOT eat or drink anything by instructions. 


​By the types of surgery, shower is not allowed until doctor’s permission. 

 Post-operational Care




May strong muscle strain occur, though will be released naturally. 




Will be instructed about food intake and fasting after the surgery by the type of anesthesia (no more than a day).




Smoking and drinking will irritate recovery. Especially smoking may cause possibilities of diverse side effects of surgery; please quit smoking for at least 2 weeks before and after the surgery.




After the surgery, any capsular contracture and inflammation may be caused, doctor will instruct on taking antibiotics, and implants elimination can be instructed by cases.