Non-invasive lifting

“Scared of surgery?

A secret of maintaining youthfulness with NO injection or surgery


​As we grow older, our skin naturally loses its elasticity.  
The skin with loss of elasticity caused by gravity leads skin to sag downwards, thus it creates an old impression.


Anti-aging experts of HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea will assist to maintain youthfulness and transition into the most natural appearance through non-invasive surgical approach to anti-aging and develop the fundamental cause in which aging occurs from inner skin.






Why HERSHE NON-invasive lifting? 


HERSHE plastic surgery performs a non-invasive lifting procedure with the genuine medical device only that the safety and effectiveness are officially approved by FDA and/or KFDA.
It enables our patients to rejuvenate and maintain their skin without a surgical approach, using a world-renowned RF treatment devices such as Thermage CPT and Liftera, the HIFU (High frequency wave) equipment.
In addition, the effect will be maximized by combining with non-invasive lifting and the surgical method.



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  Advantage of HERSHE minimal invasive antiaging



Equipment for lifting is Medical device. 
If procedure was proceeded without the genuine product, the safety and effectiveness are not guaranteed. Essential key to assure the safety and effectiveness is verifying the genuine equipment that the product is officially approved by FDA or/and KFDA.


Features of HERSHE NON invasive lifting 


 Thermage/ liftera comparative table








Uses a radio frequency treatment that transforms skin by working below the surface

 Uses a radio frequency treatment that transforms skin by working below the surface


 30~40miutes (900 shots)

 15-20 minutes

 Target area

 SMAS layer & Sub-Q

 Dermal layer of skin


 Wrinkle improvement and skin elasticity for face, neck and body

 Skin lifting, skin tightening, skin tone, fine wrinkles for face and body

 Daily activity




Lasts 1-2 years

(The peak of the effect will be seen after 3 months) 

6 months

(The peak of the effect will be seen after 8-12 weeks)




Post-operation care

HERSHE offers systemic post post operation care system to shorten the recovery period and enhance the effect for the patients’ psychological & physical stability. Most surgical operation is accompanied with both swelling and pain. The purpose of this ‘Heal-lite’ laser is to help our patients reduce swelling, pain and recovery period by vitalization of cell and immune system of the region where the light beam projects. It is particularly effective for pain relief and help to restore the damaged tissue by reducing the inflammation and swelling as a result.


  Heal light laser treatment


Process of Heal-lite laser procedure method

° 590nm of micro-low power firstly directs a beam at outer skin layer so that it helps the healing wavelength to be delivered to the skin. Then, 830nm of the infrared waves which has a deep depth and strong healing power is projected.

° 830nm of healing photon is directed from 1800 source of light, then zone is formed that each photon overlaps with having divergence angle of special light.

°This type of zone shows healing effect and induces effect of pain relief and quick restoration of damaged skin by transferring enough photon deep inside the skin.



Light beam projection method is that 590nm of micro-low power is firstly directed to epidermis, then, strong 830nm of Near-Infrared (near-IR) wavelength penetrates deep inside the skin.


LEDs that are minutely arranged on LED’s panel are constructed to raise interaction through multiple photons by duplication of projected light beam from each LED.
















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  HERSHE antiaging is different!


Dr. Jung Young Choon, the Head surgeon of HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea, specializes in Anti-aging. Dr. Jung served as the president of International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, and selected multiple times as the excellent speaker for multiple subject related to anti-aging using minimal invasive plastic surgery method, and recognized as certainly one of the best surgeon in Korea regarding anti-aging procedures.  


Dr.Jung actively participates and presents in various academic society activities regarding Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, anti-aging, and anatomy. He also is currently an advisory board member of numerous medical devices for minimal invasive procedures.

From 26 years of experience & expertise, Dr.Jung will offer comprehensive anti-aging solution personalized to each patient’s condition with latest technique and device.


Lecture at Internation Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery 2012 about "Power lift (Coiled PDO thread with PRP or Stem cell)"

Awarded as the excellect speaker with "Clinical experience using ASCs & Blood mono nuclear complex protein extract" at MIPS 2010