Fat graft


Looking Tired?"

What is autologous fat graft? 




Natural aging process gradually appears in combined phenomenon such as deepen wrinkle formation, visible fine lines, and appearance of pigmentations.
Among diverse aging signs related to intrinsic or extrinsic factors, especially with volume deficiency, may result in winding facial line and skin laxity.  
Even with young age group from late 20s to 30s can give older looking impression by having a flat and undefined facial contour. 
Autologous fat graft is a minimal invasive surgery that transplants the refined fat cells extracted from unwanted fat cells accumulated inside the abdomen, thigh and hips through centrifugation to the volume deficient areas to create younger impression.






  Features of HERSHE fat graft 


HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea’s Full face fat graft gives natural volume the sunken area of face to achieve voluminous and youthful facial contour.
Based on thorough know-how and rich experiences of the anti-aging specialists, each individual can acquire excellent result of youthful appearance by transforming from flat and undefined facial contour with sunken part and wrinkled skin to an idealized profile.



Fat graft by parts










  HERSHE Fat graft is different!


  Applicable area


· Protruded brow-bone 
· Deep folded forehead wrinkles 
· Flat / hollow forehead 
· Narrow forehead

 Upper eyes 

· L ooking protruded eyeball with fleshless eyes 

· Sunken skin on upper eyes 
· Aged looking eyes

 Under eyes

· Sunken skin below eyes 

· Wrinkles formed under eyes

 Aged looking eyes


· Short nose 
· Aquiline nose 
· Small and thin nose 
· Visible nose implant / cartilage showing

 Nasolabial folds

· Deep nasolabial folds
· Depressed nose due to volume deficiency 
· Protruded mouth


· Sunken and lean cheeks
· Protruded cheek bone
· Wrinkled cheeks
· Shadowy cheeks under high cheekbone

 Around mouth

· Drooped corner of lips 
· Looking angled face with short chin



· Short chin   

· Protruded mouth 

· Asymmetrical chin 


 Steps of HERSHE Bio Fat graft

Step 01. Consultation with the doctor for personalized Fat graft solution


Doctor's aesthetic sense and experience with the fat graft procedure is the main factor to determine the sucessful result. The doctor will explain in detailed manner regarding the area of the transplantation, and the possible outcome of the procedure.

Step 02. Harvesting fat Cells

Healthy Fat cells are harvetsed from the targeted area using German Harvest Jet technology to

maximize the survival rate​ of the harvested fat cells. For most cases, fat cells are harvested from the thigh for optimal engraftment rate.

Step 03. Processing harvested fat cells


Harvested fat cells are transported to the lab inside the clinic for the refinement process. Adipose derived  Stem cells are collected with  HERSHE plastic surgery Korea's patented stem cell technique during the process for the HERSHE Bio fat graft.

Step 04. Transplantation


Processed fat cells and the adipose derived stem cells are delicately injected to the thargeted areas of the face ​by the design which is discussed throughly with the patient prior to the procedure. Adipose derived stem cells which is mixed with fat cells to increase the engraftment rate.​


Step 05. Post operation care


Daily post operation care will be provided - Cleansing of the wounds,  Daily check up, and healite laser to reduce swelling and bruising. Pain control and de-swelling injection is also provided with doctor's consent.





Before & After