Recommend to 

Mouth protrusion
Malocclusion (crossbite)
Short chin
Chin protrusion
Mandibular retraction
Severe asymmetry



 Features of Non surgical Two Jaw



Licol Soft

Licol Deep



Dextran (Lidocaine included)


Dextran + PMMA (Lidocaine included)

Injection area

Subcutaneous layer

(Under the skin)

Subcutaneous layer

(Under the skin)



Treated area

Nose, Forehead, Between the eyes, Chin, Nasolabial fold, Cheek

Hard textured areas where bone could be felt from the surface such as, Nose, Forehead, Paranasal area, Chin (Optional)


Dextran molecules with much water molecules are kept stably inside the collagen capsule formed around the injected substance to maintain the volume.

External collagen tissue formed around the collagen capsule to maintain volume longer, while giving natural texture similar to forehead, nose, chin etc.



 Frequently Asked Questions


How long will the filler last?


Where Licol fillers are usually applied on?




Licol forms collagen tissues surrounding Dextran particles. Even after Dextran resolved by collagen capsules, still gives wrinkles improvement and voluminous texture for at least next 5 years.


Licol fillers can be applied to any parts of our body, especially those where voluminous treatment is needed, such as nasolabial fold, noble surgery, nose, forehead, cheek and chin etc brings the maximized satisfaction.


 ​I want to change the shape of filler treatment, what can I do ?



Dextran, which is the main component of the Licol filler, can be easily resolved by the enzyme that helps decomposition. If the patient is less satisfied with the result, the procedure area can be either scaled down by injecting enzyme or eliminated by injection treatment.





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