What is HERSHE Chaeum breast Filler? 


HERSHE Plastic surgery Korea's the Chaeum breast filler uses specially designed "High Elasticity" Hyaluronic acid filler for non incision breast augmentation. The Chaum filler is FDA & KFDA approved filler which has improved cross linking time for longer duration after the procedure compare to the conventional filler products. It is still hyaluronic acid filler which will be absorbed fully to the body - and could easily be removed with simple injection if any problem should occur.

The most beneficial characteristic of the procedure is that the procedure will take less than 30 minutes, and does not require recovery period - does not affact the patient's daily activities immediately after the procedure.​ 



HERSHE is an accredited hospital to use only certified filler, which lasts longer and improves texture. HERSHE promises satisfied result by specialized know-how and technique of breast augmentation with filler injection as first introduce of petite breast augmentation since 2007.   


 Features of Chaeum Breast filler 


01. Breast augmentation

 02. Breast asymmetry correction

 03. Add volume to the upper breast

 04. Add volume to the lower breast

05. Improve contour

06. Make the cleavage voluminous and fuller

 07. Add volume to the specific area of the breast

 08. Revision of the implants and breast reconstruction




 Breast Surgery Information  

What makes beautiful breast?

The very Golden-ratio of breast

The most ideal look is when the torso towards the front, the line from the middle point of collarbone and both lines from nipple points form equilateral triangle shape.


The condition of Perfect breast 


-The breast size should not be oversized or undersized.

-The breast should have a conical shape from the front and smooth curve
  line  from the side.

-Should have elastic waves by the body movement.

-The breast should be spread out naturally with tilting little bit towards outside


01.​ Implants vs Filler 





 Cohesive Gel

Cheaum Breast Filler


 Surgery Area

 Areola, breast, wrinkles, armpit,  belly button


 Areola, breast, wrinkle, armpit


 Direct injection on the breast

(around pectoralis)


 Surgery Method

 Inserting prosthesis after incision


 Inserting prosthesis after incision


 The CHAEUM Filler 


 Surgery Duration


 Within 2 hours


 Within 2 hours


 30-40 mins




 General Anesthesia


 General Anesthesia


 Regional or Conscious sedation




* Treatment through belly button. where only small incision is required. 

​Big volume expansion.

* Deflected breast correction.

* No absorption in case of damaged prosthesis bag.

* Texture is better than one of Saline.

​Big volume expansion.

*​ Deflected breast correction.

* Very natural touch.

* Non-incision procedure.

* Precise and partial correction eligible.

* Partial correction can cut down the cost.

* Further augmentation can be achieved by addition injection.

*​ Look non-artificial.

* Massage is not needed after treatment.

Light augmentation is also possible



* Scar and Pain.

*​ Saline absorbed little by little.

*​ In case of areola incision, breast feeding is impede.

*​ Hard to adjust the shape

* Reoperation within 5-10 years.

*​ Surgery through belly button is hard to adjust the shape which may lead to asymmetrical breast.

* 2-3 months of  massage is required

* Operation sensible

* Aftermath, such as, shoulder pain. 

* Asymmetrical correction is hard to be done.

* Severe pain when prosthesis bag is damaged.

* The incised area is bigger than Saline surgery.

* Scar and pain.

*​ In case of areola incision, breast feeding is impede.

*​ Hard to adjust breast shape.

*​ MRI required every 2 years.

*​ Reoperation within 5-10 years.

* Hard to diagnose breast cancer.

* 2-3 months of massage is required.

* Operation is sensible.

*​ Aftermath such as shoulder pain.

*​ Asymmetrical correction is hard.

*​ Long term safety is not proved by FDA.

It is totally absorbed within 1 and half year.

Additional injection is needed to maintain the effect.

*​ Additional augmentation procedure (more than a cup) is expensive.

02.Frequently Asked Questions



 Is petit breast augmentation safe even though it uses injection method?

High elasticity Hyaluronic filler is used for petite breast augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is same as the natural body component, so no rejecting symptoms are found after proper injection. Furthermore, debris of the filler treatment gets decomposed and absorbed to the body naturally, consequently not harmful. On the other hand, semi-permanent filler includes a lot of complex components to increase the effect duration can cause side effects such as inflammation and other skin troubles.​​


My breast is too small, how big can I augment my breast? 

The ideal size of breast augmentation should be decided according to the individual body type, but about 1 cup size is recommended.
If 50 cc filler is injected into each breast, volume of the breast will increase about 120-140 cc.
This amount is equivalent to one cup size augmentation. Since hyaluronic acid molecule attracts water, causing volume expansion, actual augmentation amount is larger than the amount of the filler injected. More volume could be augmented and this will require more amounts of filler, but implant surgery could be more cost-effective in that case. 


Does petit breast augmentation needs massage? 

Massage after the procedure is unnecessary, since hyaluronic acid is body-friendly substance and the body does not recognize it as a foreign component. However, post-operative massage is mandatory for other prosthesis, since the body perceives them as foreign materials and capsular contracture can occur. 


Surgical procedures  


Procedure planning considering the size and shape of the breast and the body.



Local or sleeping anesthesia performed


  Inject THE CHAEUM filler into the augmented area according to the surgical plan.




Results in 30 minutes. 










  Pre & Post operation care



Avoid drinking and/or eating for 4 hours prior to the procedure​. 


Avoid wearing the wired bra 2-3 weeks​.​ 


Bruising, swelling, and light blush will be improved naturally


Avoid drinking and smoking for 2-3 days after the procedure​.


Avoid sauna and exercise for 1~2 weeks after the procedure​. 




Before & After