What is Stem cell?  



Stem cell, the ability to replicate and repeatly divide, can differentiate into specialized cells with different functions. Stem cells can be categorized into three groups – embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, and induced pluripotent stem cells. Among the three types of the stem cells, adult stem cell has the feature of differentiating to the characteristic of the tissue.



 About Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs)  


1/3~2/3 of fat tissue is consisted with fat cells, the rest with blood cells, vascular endothelial cells and preadipocytes. Adipose tissue is considered as the ideal tissue to collect stem cell because adipose tissues (Fat tissue) consist to the largest portion in human body, and it is easy to collect large quantities of healthy fat cells. For these reasons, many research reports about ASCs have been reported. From the researches, the stem cells ability to differentiate and the characteristic of the stem cell of ASCs do not lack compared to the adult stem cells collected from other sites.

Adipose-derived stem cells collected from liposuction shows about 90% of survival rate, and proliferate is much faster than bone marrow stem cell while cell aging is slower.








 Is Adipose-derived stem cell safe? 


Stem cells are compared with cancer cells since both cells have the ability to self-renewal. The difference between cancer cell and stem cell is that cancer cells do not have ability to differentiate into normal cells.

Adipose-derived stem cell is adult stem cell. Different from the embryonic stem cell which has ability to differentiate into all tissue of the body; ASCs have the feature of differentiating to the characteristic of that tissue those ASCs if grafted. In fact, published researches confirm that the adipose-derived stem cell has effect to suppress the differentiation & proliferation of cancer cells.


 HERSHE Stem cell is DIFFERENT! 




HERSHE cultivates the patient's own stem cell from the fresh & healthy fat cells which are harvested from the patient's surgeries. Laboratory inside the clinic is located next to the operation theatre, to minimize the chance of possible contamination and to preserve fresh status of the cells. With patented stem cell technique, cultivated stem cells could be used in various surgeries to improve result, regeneration, rejuvenation, and more.