What is Venus laser assisted lipolysis? 


The Venus laser is the latest device and upgrade version of Acusculpt, highly adjusted for the facial liposuction and lipolysis.

The Venus laser creates micro hole in the skin layer enabling lasers to penetrate inside the skin. Venus laser has two different wavelength, one is to melt the fat, the other is to promote lifting.

This allows Venus laser to shoot directly at the fat layer and melts the fat while promoting collagen and elasticity regeneration to thin the fat layer while improving skin elasticity.



Venus laser is a safe device, which allows removing unwanted fats and wrinkles without incision, while leaving little possibility of side effects occurrence and tissue damage. The procedure time only takes 30 minutes to an hour and does not require recovery period. (Can get back to daily life).


With special wavelengths (960mm&1470mm), the KFDA approved Venus laser reduces the wrinkles on the forehead, under the eye and above the lips. It also improves sagging skin of the double chin, Striaedistensae (stretch mark) and hips.



 Why Venus Laser   

 Surgical procedure  


V line Facial liposuction + Venus laser optimized for lipolysis+ Laser lifting

1. Make a small hole (No incision)

2. Insert cannula ​

3. Shoots the laser and melts the fat

4. Remove fat with syringe permanently

4. Shoots the laser, promotes lifting effect






 HERSHE Venus lifting is DIFFERENT!  




Dr. Jung Young Choon / Head Surgeon of HERSHE Plastic Surgery Korea.

Aesthetic sense and through understanding of the facial anatomy is critical factor to determine the result of the laser assisted lipolysis. Specially, facial laser assisted lipolysis requires delicate approach as major blood vessels and nerve tissues exist around targeted area.  

Dr. Jung Young Choon, the former president of International Congress of Minimal Invasive Plastic Surgery, specializes in minimal invasive plastic surgery. Dr Jung is the official training doctor for Accusculpt laser assisted lipolysis device, specialized in facial fat contouring.












 Areas for Venus V Lifting 

 Features of the Venus V lifting   


01. Square Jaw ​Reduction surgery vs The Venus V Lifting




 Square Jaw Reduction Surgery

 Jaw Bone Reduction










 The Venus V Lifting

Facial liposuction + Venus laser

Reduce jaw bone who have large bone


Remove facial fats who do not need bone reduction surgery

 V Line, an oval face 


V line, an oval face, reduced wrinkles,

increased skin elasticity

 1 to 2 weeks


1 day

 General Anesthesia


 Sleeping Anesthesia ​ 

 1 day



 Within 1 hour and 30 mins


 Within 1 hour





 Before & After 




   ​    Unnecessary fat around cheek area   

      Unnecessary fat around chin area

      Unnecessary fat around jowl area  ​ 


   Slimmer vline without bone reduction

   Lifting effect from mid face to the jaw line

   Scar free, incision free ​ 

   Quick recovery from minimal swelling ​